2017 Topps Archives Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 2017toppsarchives_zps9fonv80g.jpg

Retro designs are used throughout many different products today.  Archives has and always will be at the top of that list.  For 2017 Archives, Topps has channeled designs from 1960, 1982, and 1992.  Fun facts about those years include Domino’s Pizza being founded in 1960, the Commodore 64 launching in 1982, and President George H.W. Bush barfed into the lap of Japan’s Prime Minister in 1992.  We won’t find cards commemorating those events in here, but it sure would be fun if we did.

The base set consists of (300) cards.  (100) cards are devoted to the 1960, 1982, and 1992 designs.  Parallels include Peach #’ed/199, Light Blue #’ed/75, Soft Red #’ed/25, and Black #’ed/1.  In addition to those, the 1960, 1982, and 1992 subsets each have something extra to keep an eye out for.  Cards in the 1960 design can have grey backs versus the standard white.  1982 cards can be found without the facsimile signatures – “No Signature”.  The 1992 cards are the easiest to spot because they contain gold foil with the word “Winner” printed on the front.  Photo variations play a big part too.  Luckily Topps made them easy to spot by checking the code on the back.  Base cards end in #2782, whereas photo variations end in #2799.

Derek Jeter has a huge presence within Archives this time around.  They come in the form of reprinted Retrospective cards.  All have their respectful foil parallels and very low numbered autographs.  Three of these cards are short print “hits” – 1993, 2007, and 2015 designs.

The best part of Archives are the autographs.  It is jam packed with on-card autograph goodness.  You’ll find autographs of Hall of Famers and current stars.  Archives is known for having a unique selection of niche players each year.  These players may not be worthy of the Hall of Fame, but they’re retired after having long careers in baseball.  For many, this could very well be the only time they get an autographed card.  One of these years I’d like to see former Phillies pitcher Larry Andersen included in this set.  He’d fit the mold perfectly.

99.9999% of the cards found in 2017 Archives are baseball related.  A few lucky collectors will find autographs of actor Gene Hackman.  These come in the form of buybacks from the original 1978 Topps Superman set.  As cool as these look, you should be careful when buying one on the secondary market.  Buybacks usually come with some type of foil stamp indicating that it was reissued by Topps.  These do not.  That could make it easier for someone to counterfeit.  Topps only got Gene Hackman to sign certain Lex Luther cards from that set.  Depending on the card, Topps only had him use blue or silver pen.  Pulling one directly from the pack is the best way to know if its authentic.  This is probably why his 2017 Topps Series 1 Hoosier autograph is selling for more.

With a cost of around $125 right now for a hobby box, retail blasters might be more up some collector’s alley.  Blasters also contain exclusive coins.

On a side note, I totally agree with Sport Card Collectors.  If guys like Zack Hample and Skip Bayless can get cards, it would be awesome to see some cards made for sports card bloggers.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Dave Magadan
  • John Smiley

 photo magadan17taauto_zpsxcmpsbh8.jpg

 photo smiley17taauto_zps2ntccpas.jpg


  • Danny Duffy “No Signature” #180
  • Rick Porcello Light Blue #’ed/75
  • Mookie Betts Peach #’ed/199
  • Ian Desmond Peach #’ed/199

 photo duffy17tablackless_zpsxtoscmzf.jpg

 photo porce17tablue_zps60df0afg.jpg

 photo ian17tapeach_zpsn66pj72z.jpg


  • Yoan Moncada 1959 Bazooka #18
  • Sandy Koufax 1959 Bazooka #17
  • Carlos Correa 1959 Bazooka #1
  • Francisco Lindor 1959 Bazooka #9
  • Derek Jeter Retrospective #2
  • Derek Jeter Retrospective #22
  • Orlando Arcia 2017 Rookie Star #2
  • Yoan Moncada 2017 Rookie Star #1
  • Miguel Cabrera Retro Original #18
  • Jake Arrieta Retro Original #7

 photo yoan17ta59_zpsyqr2pzhu.jpg

 photo jeter17taretro2_zpsmpkftebo.jpg

 photo jeter17taretro_zps5exastjv.jpg

 photo yoan17tars_zpsvk5wcrid.jpg

 photo jake17taretro_zpscmwxxejr.jpg


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