2017 Topps Series 2 Baseball Box Break & Review

 photo 2017toppseries2box_zpsshmsvenp.jpg

I’ve had a fairly good string of luck lately when it comes to Topps products.  Between 2016 Bowman’s Best2017 Topps Series 1, and 2017 Topps Finest I’ve pulled some amazing cards.  Oh!  I can’t forget about 2016 Bowman Draft too.  Now let us dive deep into a hobby box of 2017 Topps Series 2.  Will the luck continue?  SPOILER ALERT!  It does.

2017 Topps Series 2 picks up right where Series 1 ended.  It adds another (350) cards to the base set.  Many of the same parallels return from Series 1.

  • Purple (Toys “R” Us exclusive)
  • Rainbow Foil
  • Negative
  • Gold #’ed/2017
  • Vintage Stock #’ed/99
  • Black #’ed/66
  • Mother’s Day Hot Pink #’ed/50
  • Father’s Day Powder Blue #’ed/50
  • Memorial Day #’ed/25
  • Clear #’ed/10
  • Platinum #’ed/1
  • Printing Plates #’ed/1

As expected, photo variations play a large role.  They aren’t the easiest cards to pull, but its fun when you do get one.  All you need to do in order to figure out whether you found one is to check the small CMP code on the back.  Base cards end in #3535 while variations end in #3587.  Its very important that you check for these.  Photo variations can easily be a bigger “hit” in your box compared to that guaranteed relic or autograph.  I’m sure there are plenty of missed photo variations just sitting in collector’s base card boxes.

If you’re a fan of inserts, this product is perfect for you.  I pulled a total of (43) regular inserts out of a standard (36) pack hobby box.  A majority of them have their share of parallels, relics, and autographs you can find.  The 30th anniversary celebration of 1987 Topps Baseball carries over into Series 2.  Topps has used countless of retro designs for their products, but this classic wood grain look is a real favorite.  Memorable Moments are cool, especially the card that commemorates the first Topps baseball set from 1951.  Historical references to the hobby’s beginnings depicted on cardboard is always educational to see.

Overall, my box was absolutely fantastic given the real nice parallel that I found.  It was waiting in the last pack.  This guy Aaron Judge just keeps following me.  2017 Topps Series 2 is mainly geared towards set collectors, but the high-end pulls are amazing.  With Aaron Judge keeping box prices on the rise, this product is one of the more affordable options.  Jumbos are more expensive, but contain more “hits”.

This is one of the best flagship brand boxes I’ve ever opened.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Buster Posey Major League Material Jersey

 photo posey17ts2jersey_zpskmby8wwx.jpg


  • Aaron Judge 1987 Topps RC Red #’ed/25
  • Brian Dozier Black #’ed/66
  • Koji Uehara Gold #’ed/2017
  • Jay Bruce Gold #’ed/2017
  • Tyler Thornburg Gold #’ed/2017
  • David Price Gold #’ed/2017
  • Ryan Pressly Gold #’ed/2017
  • James Loney Rainbow Foil
  • Jeff Samardzija Rainbow Foil
  • Michael Conforto Rainbow Foil

 photo judge17ts287red_zpsxvbegncn.jpg

 photo dozier17rs2black_zpsp4ewjsdk.jpg

 photo koji17ts2gold_zpsmjdnlyfl.jpg

 photo jeff17ts2foil_zpsszmyjxzr.jpg


  • Bob Costas MLB Network #11
  • Ben Gibbaro First Pitch #25
  • Ty Pennington First Pitch #34
  • Tom Lehman First Pitch #38
  • Danny Willett First Pitch #39
  • Ted Lilly 2006 Topps Rediscover Topps Silver Foil #336
  • Junior Noboa 1988 Topps Rediscover Topps Bronze Foil #503
  • Jeff Newman 1978 Topps Rediscover Topps Blue Foil #458
  • Erik Hanson 1989 Topps Traded Rediscover Topps Gold Foil #45T
  • Marvell Wynne 1990 Topps Rediscover Topps Bronze Foil #256
  • Gene Harris 1989 Topps Traded Rediscover Topps Bronze Foil #46T
  • Frank Thomas Salute #168
  • Renato Nunez Salute #188
  • Tim Raines Salute #159
  • Gregory Polanco Salute #198
  • Yoan Moncada Salute #114
  • Tim Anderson Salute #139
  • George Brett Salute #163
  • Jacoby Jones Salute #138
  • Brian Dozier Salute #143
  • Justin Verlander Major League Milestones #14
  • Jose Bautista Major League Milestones #5
  • Corey Seager Major League Milestones #6
  • Adrian Gonzalez Major League Milestones #4
  • Kris Bryant Major League Milestones #17
  • Ichiro Memorable Moments #45
  • Roger Maris Memorable Moments #7
  • Bo Jackson Memorable Moments #18
  • Derek Jeter Memorable Moments #24
  • Reggie Jackson Memorable Moments #41
  • Mark McGwire Memorable Moments #14
  • Ty Cobb Memorable Moments #32
  • Ted Williams Memorable Moments #9
  • Nolan Ryan Memorable Moments #27
  • Rob Zastryzny 1987 Topps RC #170
  • Cal Ripken Jr. 1987 Topps All-Star #108
  • Corey Kluber 1987 Topps All-Star #138
  • Chris Sale 1987 Topps All-Star #145
  • Jorge Alfaro 1987 Topps RC #151
  • George Brett 1987 Topps All-Star #174
  • Francisco Lindor 1987 Topps All-Star #133
  • Raimel Tapia 1987 Topps RC #122
  • Bryce Harper 1987 Topps All-Star #172

 photo costas17ts2mlbn_zpskm83ddnd.jpg

 photo willett17ts2fp_zpsup0hkxkx.jpg

 photo newman17ts2buyback_zpsvvzxlhhu.jpg

 photo brett17ts2salute_zps1amqaejh.jpg

 photo kris17ts2mlm_zpsrgqydfi5.jpg

 photo jeter17ts2mm_zpslq3bjgds.jpg

 photo ripken17ts287_zps5ktv322u.jpg

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  1. Congrats on the big Judge hit!

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