2017 Topps Museum Collection Box Break & Review

And the luck continues…

Museum Collection has and always will be the typical product that I enjoy opening.  That certainly goes for 2017, especially after you see the awesome cards that I pulled.  Every box contains (4) mini-boxes each housing a “hit”.  Inside you should find at least (1) on-card autograph, (1) autograph relic, (1) quad relic, and (1) jumbo relic.

Although this is a heavily “hit” driven product, there is a base set to collect.  The base set consists of (100) cards covering rookies, current stars, and legends.  Parallels include:

  • Copper/Gold
  • Sapphire Blue #’ed/150
  • Amethyst Purple #’ed/99
  • Ruby Red #’ed/50
  • Emerald Green #’ed/1

Outside of the base set, there is only one insert – Canvas Collection Reproductions.  These mimic the original Canvas Collection sketches found within the product.  If you can’t afford the original sketch or don’t want to wait for it to popup, the reproductions look great in any collection.  Both Aaron Judge and Alex Bregman have rookies in here.  In addition to the original sketches, a select group of players also have autograph sketches.  Talk about some sweet looking cards.  Between Canvas Collection Original Autographs and Gypsy Queen Original Art Patches, its only a matter of time until we see booklets featuring original sketches, jumbo patches, and autographs.  Those would be cool to see someday.

Like I mentioned before, the “hits” are what totally drive this product.  The patches and on-card autographs are amazing.  I really like the Premium Prints Autographs and Museum Framed Autographs.  Pieces featuring dark backgrounds with autographs in paint pen are slick looking.

Fans of the 2017 World Baseball Classic have been finding the first relic cards from that event in here.  Allen & Ginter and Dynasty will also contain WBC relics.  Those uniforms can create some insane patches.

Overall, my box was a blast to open.  Box prices are around $210.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Francisco Lindor Single Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic Auto Redemption


  • Roy Oswalt Archival Autographs #’ed/99


  • Joc Pederson Momentous Material Emerald Green Laundry Tag MLB Logo Patch #’ed/1
  • Joey Votto/Adam Duvall/Brandon Phillips/Billy Hamilton Primary Pieces Gold Quad Patch #’ed/25
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu Meaningful Material Copper Patch #’ed/35


  • Freddie Freeman Amethyst Purple #’ed/99
  • Edwin Encarnacion Sapphire Blue #’ed/150
  • Josh Donaldson Copper/Gold
  • Jose Altuve Copper/Gold


  • Giancarlo Stanton Canvas Collection Reproduction

Notable Base

  • Alex Bregman RC #94
  • Yulieski Gurriel RC #99
  • Jackie Robinson #66

2 Responses

  1. Woah man, what a box!! Congrats, that 1/1 jersey mlb laundry tag is awesome. Nice Lindor too

  2. Amazing box, congrats!

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