2017 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Box Break & Review

We live in a very “hit” driven time within the hobby.  To many, it is all about the autographs and relics.  Stadium Club reminds collectors that this doesn’t have to be the case.  At the heart and soul of Stadium Club are outstanding photographs.  A simple base card from this brand could easily be a high point in your collection just based on the picture.

When it comes to the base set, there really isn’t much of a design.  Topps allows the photos to do all of the work.  The base set comes in at (300) total cards with the following parallels:

  • Gold Foil
  • Black Foil
  • Sepia
  • Black/White/Orange
  • Rainbow Foil #’ed/25
  • First Day Issue #’ed/10
  • Members Only
  • Gold Rainbow Foil #’ed/1

Photo variations play a massive role.  Stadium Club’s base set photos are unique, so the variations are a little more difficult to spot.  Luckily the CMP code for variations ends in #3055 compared to #3023 for the base.  The amount of variations has doubled since 2016.  You have (50) to look for this year.

One of the biggest additions to Stadium Club this year includes Chrome cards.  Not only do we get cool looking cards with awesome photos, but now some of them are chromified.  I doubt “chromified” is a word.  That’s how great this product is.  You need to invent words to describe it.  There are (90) Chrome cards.  All have various parallels, and most have Chrome-style autographs.  If Topps produces Stadium Club Chrome cards like this next year, it would be great for those autographs to be on-card versus stickers.  Seventeen years ago Topps made an entire product called Stadium Club Chrome.  After 2000 it was never seen again.  Perhaps we could see another standalone Stadium Club Chrome set down the road given the success of the 2017 cards.  Maybe we’ll even see other products get chromified.  Allen & Ginter Chrome works for me.

Its fun to see collectors willing to spend money on non-autographed/relic, unnumbered case “hits”.  A good example of this would be the Instavision inserts.  As of this writing, the 2017 National Sports Collectors Convention is being held.  Sets such as Gypsy QueenBowmanAllen & Ginter, and Heritage have all had specially made promos for it in recent years.  Its been a very long time since collectors have seen Stadium Club promos at the National.  Given that this is the second year that Topps has made Bowman Chrome cards for National attendees, I think we can look for something different next year in Cleveland.  Stadium Club just might be the next brand they tap into.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Henry Owens Auto
  • A.J. Reed Auto


  • Noah Syndergaard Scoreless Streak Black #’ed/99
  • Bo Jackson Chrome #11
  • Johnny Bench Black/White/Orange #159
  • Gary Sanchez Black Foil #247
  • Garrett Richards Black Foil #210
  • Jose Canseco Gold Foil #227
  • Dave Winfield Gold Foil #200
  • Jose De Leon RC Gold Foil #243
  • Billy Hamilton Gold Foil #277
  • Braden Shipley Gold Foil #68


  • Michael Fulmer Instavision
  • Bryce Harper Beam Team
  • Bo Jackson Power Zone
  • Nolan Arenado Power Zone
  • Miguel Cabrera Contact Sheet
  • Mike Trout Contact Sheet
  • Yu Darvish Scoreless Streak
  • Alex Reyes Scoreless Streak

Notables Rookies

  • Aaron Judge RC #64
  • Andrew Benintendi RC #149

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