2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Box Break & Review

If any product were to go out on a limb and create a card containing the piece of Aaron Judge’s chipped tooth, Allen & Ginter would be the one to do it.  Collectors and the media would go nuts.  I’d buy it, extract the DNA, clone my very own Aaron Judge, and ride his coattails to fame and fortune.  This sounds like a scheme only Lex Luthor could pull off.

Allen & Ginter is one of the most popular sets released each year.  With rookies such as Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger performing so well, even more attention is being given to this brand.  Both have autographs in here, although they are redemptions.  None of them should take that long to get.  I’ve had nothing but good experience when it comes to Topps redeeming my cards.  Cody Bellinger was called-up a little late for Topps to include anything else other than redemptions for autographs.  Aaron Judge on the other hand has a lot more.  Not only does he have autographs, you can find base, minis, relics, and rip cards of him.  Plain, one-color, unnumbered relics of his are currently selling for about $40.  Its insane!  You could pickup a lot of Hall Of Famer relics for that price.  Non-ripped rip cards of Judge are #’ed/60, and range anywhere from $350 -$600.  Although expensive, if Judge’s cards were to fall in value these might not take as big of a hit due to there still being an exclusive unknown mini card sealed inside.

One thing Allen & Ginter is known for is it’s oddities.  Outside of the baseball autographs, Floyd Mayweather is probably the most popular.  William Shatner and Sarah Michelle Gellar aren’t far behind.  MySpace may never be what it once was, but even Tom Anderson got an autograph.

Fictional FiguresGems, and Ancient Fossils really showoff Allen & Ginter’s oddball relic side.

Fictional Figures:

  • Easter Bunny
  • Leprechaun
  • Neptune
  • Santa Claus – What do you mean he’s a fictional character?
  • Sasquatch
  • Unicorn
  • Vampire
  • Yeti

Gems and Ancient Fossils:

  • Amethyst
  • Crystal
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Dinosaur Tooth
  • Gold
  • Lightning Strike
  • Meteorite – Probably infected with alien parasite 🙂
  • Peridot
  • Sapphire
  • Shark Tooth
  • Shark Tooth
  • Tourmaline
  • Woolly Mammoth – Furry elephants!

This product remains one of Topps most fun and creative to open.  You never know what you’re going to find.  If Topps decides not to make special Stadium Club promos for next year’s National, I’d like to see them return to Allen & Ginter.  An actual Allen & Ginter themed card based on the I-X Center itself would be cool.  Cards trigger memories.  Many memories are made during the National.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Manny Machado #FSRA-MM Relic
  • Corey Kluber #FSRB-CKL Relic
  • Kris Bryant Mini Framed #MR-KB Relic


  • Tom Rinaldi Mini Framed #MA-TR Auto

Short Prints

  • Drew Pomeranz #321
  • Trey Mancini #301
  • Matt Moore #341
  • Brian McCann #343
  • Braden Shipley #342
  • Jeff Bagwell #350
  • Justin Turner #322
  • Seung-Hwan Oh #337
  • Kenley Jansen #336
  • Stephen Vogt #338
  • Corey Dickerson #331

Mini Parallels

  • Frank Thomas #144
  • Ollie Schniederjans #127
  • Luke Weaver #242
  • Andrew Miller #238
  • Reynaldo Lopez #339
  • Marcell Ozuna #306
  • Christian Yelich #282
  • Jorge Alfaro #288
  • Garrett Richards #16
  • Jose Altuve #184
  • Cal Ripken Jr. #74
  • Corey Bellemore #12
  • Dave Winfield Black Border #85
  • Randy Johnson Black Border #279
  • Brandon Crawford Black Border #310
  • Wesley Bryan A&G Back #163
  • Khris Davis A&G Back #244
  • Kirby Smart A&G Back #179
  • Sean Manaea A&G Back #106
  • Jurickson Profar A&G Back #202


  • Robert Heller Magicians & Illusionists Mini #MI-14
  • Bust A Move Waltz Dance Mini #BAM-14
  • World’s Dudes Conductor Dude Mini #2
  • World’s Dudes Fisherman Dude Mini #43
  • Terry Leach 1993 Rediscover Topps Bronze Foil #443
  • Jason Bay 2006 Rediscover Topps Bronze Foil #220
  • Chad Kreuter 1990 Rediscover Topps Silver Foil #562
  • Rick Leach 1989 Traded Rediscover Topps Silver Foil #68T
  • Revolutionary Battles – Battle Of Trenton #RB-5
  • Revolutionary Battles – Surrender Of General Burgoyne #RB-7
  • Revolutionary Battles – Battle Of Guilford Court House #RB-9
  • Sport Fish & Fishing Lures – Trout & Flies #SFL-7
  • Sport Fish & Fishing Lures – Bass & Hula Popper #SFL-4
  • Sport Fish & Fishing Lures – Barracuda & Jerkbait #SFL-19
  • Sport Fish & Fishing Lures – Bluefin Tuna & Metal Jigs #SFL-15
  • Sport Fish & Fishing Lures – Redfish & Jerkbait #SFL-10
  • World’s Fair – Solar Generator #WF-13
  • World’s Fair – Life Savers Parachute Jump #WF-1
  • World’s Fair – Space Needle #WF-11
  • World’s Fair – Diesel Engine #WF-7
  • World’s Fair – Conical Pendulum Clock #WF-10
  • What A Day! – Corey Kluber #WAD-85
  • What A Day! – David Ortiz #WAD-62
  • What A Day! – Gary Sanchez #WAD-40
  • What A Day! – Troy Tulowitzki #WAD-70
  • What A Day! – Don Mattingly #WAD-56
  • What A Day! – Jacob deGrom #WAD-97
  • What A Day! – Chris Sale #WAD-4
  • What A Day! – Chipper Jones #WAD-46
  • What A Day! – David Price #WAD-9
  • What A Day! – Byron Buxton #WAD-95
  • What A Day! – David Wright #WAD-55
  • Bryce Harper Box Loader #BL-BH


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