2017 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball Box Break & Review

Burlap was the style in 1968.  Topps plastered that stuff on everything.  Pitchers Jerry Koosman and Ron Tompkins may not have had Major League Baseball Hall Of Fame worthy careers, but will forever be known as those “other guys” pictured with Nolan Ryan and Johnny Bench on their 1968 Topps rookie cards.

You’ll find that Heritage High Number continues where regular Heritage stopped.  The set consists of (225) cards #501-725.  #701-725 are short prints.  Although they aren’t serial numbered, parallels of the main set include Blue Border #’ed/50, Bright Yellow Backs #’ed/25, Gray Backs #’ed/10, and Flip Stock #’ed/5.

(50) players have Chrome cards #’ed/999.  Refractors that can be found include Purple Hot Box Refractors, Refractors #’ed/568, Blue Refractors #’ed/68, Gold Refractors #’ed/5, and Superfractors #’ed/1.  Chrome versions of classic Topps designs look so cool!  (50) players also have mini parallels too.

It wouldn’t be a Heritage product without a good chunk of variations.  Checking the CMP code on the card backs can really help you in identifying them.

  • Base – ends in #23
  • Short Prints – ends in #33
  • Chrome – ends in #38
  • Error – ends in #45
  • Trade – ends in #46
  • Throwback Uniform – ends in #47
  • Action Image – ends in #48
  • Team Color Swap – ends in #49

I know the Heritage line isn’t the only set to feature variations, but it seems like collectors are willing to spend more for the Heritage ones.  Given that this product is targeted towards set builders, some people will spend a lot for a single variation just because its rare.  In some cases, these variations can be a player’s most valuable card.

Like I previously mentioned, this product is a set collector’s dream.  Most likely your “hit” will be a regular relic, but the high-end “hits” are so nice looking.  Everything from the on-card autographs to multi-colored patches are superb.  Even the low-numbered plain relics get more attention from this product when compared to others.  I think that fascinates me more than anything.  The type of product, players involved, and numbering make all the difference.

Overall, my break fell in line with what you’d normally pull.  Topps should consider trying some on-card Chrome autographs for Heritage.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Aroldis Chapman Clubhouse Collection Relic


  • Eric Thames Blue Border #’ed/50
  • Bradley Zimmer Chrome Refractor #’ed/568
  • Aroldis Chapman Chrome #’ed/999

Photo Variation

  • Brandon Phillips Action Image

Short Prints

  • Steven Matz
  • Dylan Bundy
  • Michael Pineda
  • Kelvin Herrera
  • Jared Hughes
  • Trevor Cahill
  • Taijuan Walker
  • Alex Cobb


  • Jim Wynn 1968 Topps Buyback Box Loader
  • Nolan Ryan Highlights #5
  • Marcell Ozuna/Giancarlo Stanton Classic Combos
  • Ryan Zimmerman Now And Then
  • Mike Trout Now And Then
  • Eric Thames Now And Then
  • Ben Zobrist Award Winners
  • Kris Bryant Award Winners
  • Eric Hosmer Award Winners
  • Bradley Zimmer Rookie Performers
  • Luke Weaver Rookie Performers
  • Dansby Swanson Rookie Performers

Notable Rookies

  • Cody Bellinger
  • Ian Happ
  • Matt Olson

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