2017 Bowman High Tek Baseball Box Break & Review

Acetate, on-card autographs, with a fast-thrill format.  Sign me up!  High Tek makes it’s Bowman debut this year that comes with a major prospecting element.  It also marks the first Topps-issued autographed cards of Phillies phenom Rhys Hoskins.

At a glance, the set doesn’t look that big.  You’d be correct.  There are only (56) cards to the base set.  But with High Tek each card has about eleven different patterned backgrounds.  Each background varies in rarity.  From what it looks like, the parallels only apply to the base pattern background cards and autographs.  I believe all autographs have the base pattern as well.  Are you still with me?  If not, that’s ok.

Waiting inside every box is (1) 10-card pack housing (4) on-card autographs.  There are a few veterans in here, but its mainly geared towards young prospects.  Guys like Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, and Kris Bryant have a little presence specifically when it comes to the inserts.  Speaking of inserts, 2017 Bowman High Tek has four of them – 2017 Bowman Rookies1992 Bowman VariationsBashers, and Foundations of the Franchise Die-Cuts.  Other than Foundations of the Franchise, a lot of the other inserts have autographed counterparts.  My favorite insert are the 2017 Bowman Rookies.  These print a player’s rookie found in 2017 Bowman on acetate.  Very cool!  The autographs look even better.

I like this product because it caters to a bunch of different people.  Prospectors get their talented young players.  Set/player collectors have all of those patterns to find.  Those collectors who enjoy a quick-thrill product to open can get their fix here too.

Bowman High Tek or Topps High Tek, it doesn’t matter.  They both carry a concentrated punch.  I’d like to see some mascots in Tek.  Acetate Phanatic!

Here is what I pulled:


  • Justus Sheffield Rush Diffractor Auto
  • Junior Fernandez Auto
  • Ian Anderson Auto
  • Roniel Raudes Auto


  • Austin Meadows Tidal Diffractor #’ed/199
  • Rafael Devers Orange Magma Diffractor #’ed/25

Base Cards

  • Willie Calhoun – base pattern #1
  • J.P. Crawford – pattern #2 (spirals)
  • Rafael Devers – pattern #3 (stripes & arrows)
  • Junior Fernandez – pattern #4 (circuitry)

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