2017 Topps High Tek Baseball Box Break & Review

If prospecting isn’t your thing, Topps High Tek Baseball will probably satisfy that Tek busting itch.  Unlike Bowman High TekTopps High Tek contains cards of rookies, current stars, and veterans.  In classic Tek fashion, there are numerous background patterns, parallels, and inserts to pull.  All printed on clear acetate.

When it comes to the main set, there are (112) cards.  There are (8) divisions of patterned backgrounds.  Each one of those divisions has a part “A” and part “B” pattern.  The checklist is split right down the middle.  (56) players will only be found with part “A” patterns while the remaining (56) can only have part “B” patterns.  It seems like first, second, third base, shortstop, and designated hitters are part of the “A” group.  Pitchers, catchers, and outfielders are all part of group “B”.  A good example would be to say that Jim Thome’s cards can only be found with group “A” patterns, while Ichiro’s would only have group “B” patterns.  Are you still following me?

As far as parallels go, most seem to be isolated to part “A” and “B” of the first and most common background pattern.  That looks the same for autographs too.  Parallels and autographs for every pattern would have been overwhelming.

If your head hasn’t exploded yet, a handful of photo variations were also thrown in.  These are easy to spot as the photographs picture players in warm up gear and are serial numbered to (50).  Photo variation autographs are also available.  Inserts include JubilationRookie TekTwiliTEK, and Buybacks.

I enjoy opening Tek.  Topps High Tek appeals more to me because the checklist of players is more well known.  With (1) 40-card pack per box containing (2) autographs, both set collectors and thrill seekers should have fun busting a box.  I’m a sucker for on-card acetate autographs.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Raimel Tapia RC Auto
  • Aledmys Diaz Green Rainbow Auto #’ed/75


  • David Price Red Orbit Diffractor #’ed/10
  • Tom Glavine Blue Rainbow #’ed/75
  • Orlando Arcia RC Tidal Diffractor #’ed/250
  • David Price Tidal Diffractor #’ed/250
  • Derek Jeter Blackout
  • Stephen Strasburg Blackout
  • Yoan Moncada RC Blackout
  • Noah Syndergaard Blackout

Other Notable Cards

  • Kelvin Herrera – pattern 5B
  • Freddie Freeman – pattern 6A
  • Josh Donaldson – pattern 2A
  • Wil Myers – pattern 5A
  • Ken Griffey Jr. – pattern 4B
  • Eric Thames – pattern 4A
  • Sandy Koufax – pattern 4B
  • Cody Bellinger RC – pattern 4A
  • Aaron Boone – pattern 3A
  • Hank Aaron – pattern 3B
  • Alex Bregman RC – pattern 3A
  • Noah Syndergaard – pattern 3B
  • Derrek Lee – pattern 3A
  • Michael Fulmer – pattern 3B
  • Nolan Arenado – pattern 2A
  • Max Scherzer – pattern 2B
  • Todd Frazier – pattern 2A
  • Jose DeLeon RC – pattern 2B
  • Trevor Story – pattern 2A
  • Henry Owens – pattern 2B
  • Dan Vogelbach RC – pattern 2A
  • Lucas Giolito – pattern 2B

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