2018 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Break & Review

The year was 1969.  Mickey Mantle decided to call it quits.  A guy who would one day be known as Mr. October was just getting started.  Professional baseball celebrated it’s 100th anniversary.  Mankind first landed on the moon too (or did they).  A lot was going on, much like what you’ll find inside a box of 2018 Topps Heritage Baseball.

2018 is the year that Topps Heritage receives the 1969 Topps Baseball treatment.  At least when it comes to it’s design.  I can’t wait to see what happens in two years when the 1971 Topps Baseball design is on the chopping block.  Those solid black borders should make things fun.

Topps Heritage seems to always have something for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a set collector or someone picking up high-end singles on the secondary market.  I really appreciate the high-end cards that come out of products like this.  They just look so good.

2018 Topps Heritage consists of (500) cards.  #1-#400 are base while #401-#500 are short prints.  There are six parallels – 100th Anniversary #’ed/25, Black Border #’ed/50, Flip Stock #’ed/5, Magenta Back #’ed/25, Minis #’ed/100, and Chrome.  The Chrome parallels come in a variety of colors such as Base #’ed/999, Refractor #’ed/569, Purple, Black #’ed/69, Gold #’ed/5, and Superfractor #’ed/1.

The heart and soul of today’s Heritage sets are the variations.  Some can jump right out at you while others take a little more time to identify.  You simply cannot rip open a box and quickly breeze through the cards.  By doing that you could easily miss what could be your pull of a lifetime.  I find the best way to identify variations is to flip over every card and check the tiny CMP code.  When it comes to 2018 Topps Heritage, if that code ends in a number other than #65 you’ve found something worth looking into.

CMP Code List:

  • Base – #65
  • Base Short Print – #85
  • Nickname – #04
  • RC Cup Year Error – #03
  • Team Color Swap – #02
  • Action Image – #01
  • Throwback – #00
  • Traded – #99
  • Error – #98

Real One Autographs continue to be a favorite of mine.  They’re simple and easy on the eyes.  Red Ink versions #’ed/69 are especially fun when pulled.

The original 1969 Topps Baseball set contains lots of great vintage cards.  But one stands above them all, and that would be the Reggie Jackson RC #260.  Topps got Mr. October to sign (10) original rookies and inserted them into Heritage this year.  Given that there are only ten copies, not everyone will find one.  Very cool though.

Before the Brewers ended up in Milwaukee, they played their initial season in Seattle as the Pilots in 1969.  The Pilots only lasted for one season.  Merchandise from the Pilots in some cases is highly sought after.  To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Topps was able to get (15) guys from that team to sign autographs for Heritage.  Its been a long time since we’ve seen new Pilots cards.  One of the autographs is that of Jim Bouton, who went on to help create Big League Chew bubble gum.

Collectors are ripping into boxes looking for rookies of Shohei Ohtani.  He has two Real One Autographs – Base and Red Ink #’ed/69.  These are his first MLB autographs.  Ohtani lacks a base rookie, but is an Action Image variation for card #17.  Most #17 cards have Zach Davies, but some have Ohtani.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Carlos Correa Clubhouse Collection Jersey


  • Gary Sanchez Chrome #’ed/999
  • Cody Bellinger Chrome Refractor #’ed/569
  • Kole Calhoun Black Border #’ed/50

Short Prints

  • Alcides Escobar #445
  • Drew Pomeranz #404
  • Victor Martinez #427
  • Garrett Richards #452
  • Kelvin Herrera #409
  • Chase Anderson #432
  • Bruce Maxwell #495
  • Kenley Jansen #424


  • Jedd Gyorko/Eric Hosmer/Andrew Cashner – Mike Trout – 1969 Topps Bazooka Ad Panel – #2
  • News Flashbacks 1969 – The Beatles’ Abbey Road Album Released #3
  • Lou Brock/Dee Gordon Then & Now #11
  • Ozzie Albies RC 1969 Topps Deckle Edge #11
  • Andrew Benintendi 1969 Topps Deckle Edge #17
  • Baseball Flashbacks 1969 – Jim Palmer
  • Baseball Flashbacks 1969 – Juan Marichal
  • Joey Votto New Age Performers #13
  • Mike Trout New Age Performers #2

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