2018 Topps Museum Collection Box Break & Review

Originally called Topps Marquee when it made it’s debut in 2011, this product was quickly renamed to Museum Collection the following year.  And that’s the way its been ever since.  Museum Collection strictly focuses on autographs and memorabilia.  No short prints and/or photo variations.

Given that autographs and memorabilia are at the heart of what drives Museum Collection, there is a base set and two types of inserts.  The base set consists of (100) cards all printed on thick stock.  Parallels include Copper, Sapphire #’ed/150, Amethyst #’ed/99, Ruby #’ed/50, and Emerald #’ed 1/1.  Canvas Collection highlights the inserts.  Reprints of these artistic pieces come (1) per box.  Original art #’ed 1/1 can also be found.

Museum Collection shines when it comes to relics and autographs.  Inside each box you’ll find (4) mini-boxes.  Every mini-box contains a hit.  In fact, a master box should have (1) on-card autograph, (1) autograph/relic, (1) quad relic, and (1) prime relic.

I’m a big fan of how most of these cards look.  Archival AutographsMuseum Framed cards, and the Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics really standout and make for a good box.  This product allows you to add some incredible patches to your collection.

The Canvas Collection Original Player Autographs are probably my favorite.  (25) players make up this set.  Each is an original piece of artwork signed by the player.

Boxes and packs are not for the collector who is on a budget.  A master box goes for $200, while mini-boxes are about $50.  Like a lot of high-end products such as this, risk takers can get their thrill.  On the other hand, player collectors can score some sick looking relics and autographs on the secondary market.

Need to see the checklist?

Here is what I pulled:


  • Andre Dawson Archival Autographs #’ed/299


  • Dee Gordon Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs #’ed/149


  • Max Scherzer/Stephen Strasburg Dual Meaningful Material Patches #’ed/50
  • Ryan Braun/Eric Thames/Domingo Santana/Orlando Arcia Primary Pieces Quad Relics Copper #’ed/75


  • Pedro Martinez Amethyst #’ed/99
  • Xander Bogaerts Copper
  • Barry Larkin Copper
  • Aaron Judge Copper


  • Al Kaline Canvas Collection Reproductions

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