2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball Box Break & Review

Within the last week some big cards have been on the auction block.  First off, the Shohei Ohtani 2018 Bowman Chrome RC Auto Superfractor #’ed 1/1 sold for an outstanding $184,000.  That’s an incredible amount of money for a modern day card of a rookie.  Especially one who’s future is up in the air upon hearing that it’s recommended he should have Tommy John surgery.  Who knows what he’ll be like after that happens.  Considering all of the unknown factors, I believe it was a good idea to sell it.

Another big card to popup recently is the Juan Soto 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto Superfractor #’ed 1/1.  This one has some controversy behind it.  At one time this card was graded by BGS a 9 with a 9 autograph grade.  Sometime after that it was removed from it’s BGS holder, had the autograph altered, and then submitted to PSA which gave it a Gem Mint 10 grade.  No card in my book should get a 10 grade after the autograph has been altered.  There’s also talk of it being trimmed too.  PSA really dropped the ball on this one.  I don’t see how anyone could do this to a Superfractor.

Speaking of rookies and prospects, 2018 Bowman High Tek recently came out.  Its loaded with lots of good stuff.  I know rookies and prospects that come from products like BowmanBowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft tend to garner more attention.  But I enjoy how products like Bowman Tek are configured.  One box, one pack, and four autographs.  It gets right to business.

Tek has and always will be known for it’s acetate card stock and crazy background patterns.  Just as it was when it debuted in the late 90’s.  There are (56) cards to the base set.  All a mix of prospects and rookies.  (10) different patterns can be found.  The base pattern (Pattern #1) has the following parallels: Purple Rainbow #’ed/191, Green Rainbow #’ed/99, Ocean Blue Tidal #’ed/75, Gold Rainbow #’ed/50, Orange Magma Diffractor #’ed/25, Red Orbit Diffractor #’ed/10, Black Galactic Diffractor #’ed 1/1, and Printing Proofs #’ed 1/1.  Patterns #2-8 do not have parallels.  Pattern #9 are SpecTEKular Diffractors #’ed 1/1.  The tenth pattern only comes in Black Galactic Diffractor form also #’ed 1/1.

As I mentioned before, (4) autographs come per box.  When it comes to the base autographs, Pattern #1 is all you’ll find along with it’s accompanying parallels.  Having autographs cover all ten patterns would be too much.

Three inserts are available – 1st Bowman Tek, PyroTEKnics, and Tides of Youth.  Each has their own set of parallels and autographs.  Of those three, I like the 1st Bowman Tek inserts the most.

If you’re into rookies and prospects, but don’t want tons of base cards, Bowman High Tek would be an excellent product to open.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Jo Adell Green Rainbow Parallel Redemption #’ed/99
  • Shane Baz
  • Jesus Sanchez
  • Tristen Lutz


  • Ronny Mauricio Pattern #1 Purple Rainbow #’ed/191


  • Shed Long Pattern #3
  • Michel Baez Pattern #4
  • Evan White Pattern #2
  • Corbin Burnes Pattern #2
  • Corbin Burnes Pattern #1

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