2019 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Break & Review

I can’t wait for baseball season to start.  Phillies fans like myself have a lot to look forward to.  This past winter the Phillies made some huge moves signing guys like David Robertson, Andrew McCutchen, J.T. Realmuto, Jean Segura, and Bryce Harper.  The Phillies have certainly shaken things up.  After the Bryce Harper signing, sales of Phillies merchandise began to break all kinds of records.

2019 Topps Heritage Baseball utilizes the 1970 Topps Baseball design.  When I think of 1970 Topps Baseball two cards come to mind.  The first being the Thurman Munson/Dave McDonald RC #189.  Secondly, former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel’s RC can be found on card #194.  Other key cards from that original set include Nolan Ryan #712, Reggie Jackson #140, Hank Aaron #500, Roberto Clemente #350, Willie Mays #600, Pete Rose #580, and Johnny Bench #660.  This year in particular, Topps did a great job making 2019 Heritage look as close as possible to the 1970 set.  Check out this incredibly detailed side-by-side comparison.  In 2020, the 1971 Topps Baseball design will be used.  All of those black borders should make things fun.

Right now a hobby box will cost $90-$100.  More affordable retail options are also available.  Housed inside each hobby box are (24) packs.  As the box is opened, you’ll be greeted with a box topper.  Four box topper possibilities can be pulled – 1970 Topps Super Baseball1970 Poster (70 copies), 2019 Topps Teammates (70 copies), and 1970 Topps Originals.

(500) cards make up the base set.  The last one hundred #401-#500 are Short Prints.  Parallels are all over the place.  The most wide spread parallels are the Black Border #’ed/50 and Flip Stock #’ed/5.  Silver Metal, Mini, and Chrome parallels are available for certain cards.  Certainly not all (500) cards.  The Chrome parallels can come in Purple Hot Box Refractor, Refractor #’ed/570, Black Refractor #’ed/70, Gold Refractor #’ed/5, and Superfractor #’ed 1/1 form.

Variations are a big part of the hobby today.  Almost every product geared towards set collectors has them.  Heritage variations seem to carry much more weight compared to those found in other products.  Its just fun to see people spend so much money on cards that aren’t relics and/or autographed.  If it weren’t for those little CMP codes on the back, you’ed spend a lot of time looking for these variations.  Please take your time and check them.  One variation that looks like a simple base card could be worth quite a bit.

  • Base #1-#400 – #092
  • Base SP #401-#500 – #112
  • French Text – #093
  • Chrome – #113
  • Mini – #119
  • Silver Metal – #120
  • Error – #121
  • Trade – #122
  • Throwback – #123
  • Action Image – #124
  • Team Name Color – #125
  • Nickname – #126

To put it simply.  If the CMP code ends in a number other than #092, you’ve got something worth looking into.

(8) inserts are in here to collect.  1970 Baseball Stars Candy Lids1970 Cloth Stickers, and 1970 Player Story Booklets are retail exclusives.  My favorite insert are the 1970 Topps Scratch-Off cards.  I remember buying an original Willie Stargell while attending one of my first card shows.

Each hobby box comes with (1) autograph or relic.  I’d say 99% of the time your hit will be a one-color relic.  Big hits, although difficult to pull, command a huge amount of attention.

The autographs, especially the Real One cards, always look top notch.  You can’t go wrong with an on-card autograph and a classic design.

Topps included (2) Mystery Player autograph redemptions.  One labeled “A”, and the other “B”.  Most likely these have been reserved for top rookies looking to make their MLB debut later this year.  Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. could easily be one.  I’d like to see them be of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper in their new uniforms.

Complete Checklist

Here is what I pulled:


  • Albert Pujols Clubhouse Collection Game-Used Bat


  • Francisco Lindor Mini #’ed/100
  • Shane Bieber Black Border (50 copies)
  • George Springer Chrome #’ed/999

Short Prints

  • Albert Pujols #422
  • Jose Abreu #483
  • Zack Greinke #442
  • Jordan Hicks #417
  • Freddie Freeman #489
  • Stephen Piscotty #434
  • Jose Altuve #409
  • Yonder Alonso #497


  • Clayton Kershaw Scratch-Off
  • News Flashbacks – Venera 7, 1st To Send Data From Venus Surface
  • Baseball Flashbacks – Aaron Checks Off More Benchmarks
  • Tom Seaver/Max Scherzer Then & Now
  • Harmon Killebrew/J.D. Martinez Then & Now
  • Juan Soto New Age Performers
  • Javier Baez New Age Performers
  • Blake Snell New Age Performers
  • Aaron Judge New Age Performers
  • Juan Soto 1970 Topps Super Baseball Box Topper

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