2018/19 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer Hobby Box Break & Review

Bundesliga!  That sounds like something Farmer Fran would yell in The Waterboy.

Hang on!  We’ve got one more product to talk about which features that 2018 Topps Baseball pixel-party flagship design.  I’m talking about 2018/19 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Soccer.

The Bundesliga is a German soccer league.  Although Topps has created cards for this league before, this is the first time its gotten full distribution here in the United States.  The Topps Chrome brand has a huge following, no matter the sport.  If you’re a soccer fan, that’s an additional plus.

You’ll find (18) packs per box, with (4) cards per pack.  This is a hobby-only release.  A single box will cost about $55.

The entire set consists of (90) cards.  Parallels include Blue Refractor #’ed/199, Green Refractor #’ed/99, Blue Wave Refractor #’ed/99 or #’ed/75, Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, and Red Wave Refractor #’ed/10.  Standard Refractors are suppose to come 1:3 packs, but I did not pull any.  Purple Refractors #’ed/250, and Superfractors #’ed 1/1 have yet to surface.  A few sources have indicated that there are photo variations.  I don’t think these exist.  To me, it looks like some changes took place between the time this product’s details were initially released, and when it actually came out.

Just like most Topps Chrome products, every box should have (1) autograph.  Parallels include Blue Wave Refractor #’ed/75, Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, and Red Wave Refractor #’ed/5.  Autographed Blue Refractors, Green Refractors, and Superfractors have not popped up.

Three types of inserts can be pulled – Future StarsSuperstar Sensations, and Top 11.  Non-autographed versions should have Gold Refractor #’ed/50, Orange Refractor #’ed/25, Red Refractor #’ed/10, and Superfractor #’ed 1/1 parallels.  No Superfractors have hit the secondary market as of this writing.  The autographed counterparts vary in serial numbering.

2018/19 Topps Chrome Bundesliga is setup very similar to 2017/18 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League.  Between the one autograph, stack of refractors, and a box price of $55, you can get a nice balance of pulls.  I believe that’s what makes Topps Chrome so popular.  Great looking cards!

Here is what I pulled:


  • Takashi Usami Blue Wave Refractor Auto #’ed/75


  • Michael Gregoritsch Orange Refractor #’ed/25
  • Marco Reus Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Ja-Cheol Koo Green Refractor #’ed/99
  • Weston McKennie Blue Wave Refractor #’ed/75
  • Yann Sommer Blue Refractor #’ed/199
  • Péter Gulácsi Blue Refractor #’ed/199


  • Rouwen Hennings Superstar Sensations
  • Enrico Valentini Superstar Sensations
  • Julian Brandt Superstar Sensations
  • Janik Haberer Future Stars
  • Christian Pulisic Future Stars
  • Nadiem Amiri Future Stars

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