How To Spot A Fake Mario Lemieux 1985-86 Topps #9 Rookie Card

Most of the value found in the 1985-86 Topps Hockey set comes down to just one card.  Of the (165) cards, #9 is the most sought after mainly because its Mario Lemieux’s rookie card.  Lemieux is a Penguins and NHL legend.  After retiring in 1997, he was immediately inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.  In 2000, he became the third Hall of Famer to come out of retirement and play after being inducted.  Gordie Howe and Guy Lafleur are the other two.

A Mario Lemieux rookie card from this set can sell anywhere from $40-$50 today.  You need to watch out for counterfeits.  Tons have flooded the market for years.

Here are a few tips on what to watch for when it comes to spotting counterfeit Mario Lemieux 1985-86 Topps rookie cards:

  • Take a look at the Penguins logo on the front of the card in the upper-right corner.  The logo should have solid black shading, and good color separation.  If the black shading and/or color borders are dotted and/or bleed together you’re probably looking at a counterfeit.
  • Inspect the edges of the card’s front.  A lot of counterfeit copies seem to have a red/maroon/burgundy color blending into the front edges.  These colors are seen on the back, but counterfeit examples used less sophisticated printing techniques and many times they soaked through to the front.

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