2018/19 Topps UEFA Champions League Museum Collection Soccer Hobby Box Break & Review

Even if you don’t speak the language, you have to admit soccer broadcasters can be very entertaining.  Especially when a goal is made.  I’d like to see cards made that commemorate some of the most memorable soccer calls in history.  How that could be done isn’t quite clear.  I guess you could have the broadcasters inscribe what they said on a card.  Don’t ask me how they would spell some of the crazy noises they make.  Placing a microchip in the card with a recording of the actual call would be ideal.  But I’ve got a feeling that could get expensive.

This is the second year soccer fans have had the opportunity to enjoy UEFA Champions League Topps Museum Collection.  The 2018/19 version of this popular brand contains (1) pack inside each box.  Every pack should have (8) cards.  (1) Autograph, (1) Autograph/Relic, and (1) Relic should be pulled from every pack.  That’s (3) total hits.  (2) base parallels, and (3) regular base cards are in each pack too.

Collectors opening boxes of this product are mainly focused on the hits.  But there is a base set to put together if that’s something you’re into.  The base set consists of (75) cards.  A handful of parallels are available – Copper #’ed/99, Sapphire #’ed/75, Gold #’ed/50, Ruby #’ed/25, and Emerald #’ed 1/1.

As mentioned before, hits are the meat and potatoes of this brand.  Hits you can pull include Archival Autographs, Archival Dual Autographs, Framed Autographs, Road to Madrid Autographs, Museum Autograph Relics, Autograph Jumbo Relics, Framed Autograph Patch, Single Player Triple Relic Autographs, Meaningful Material Single Relics, Dual Meaningful Material Patch Relics, Momentous Material Jumbo Relics, Momentous Material Prime Patch Relics, and Single Player Triple Relics.

Unlike it’s baseball counterpart, there are no Canvas Collection inserts with original artwork.  Sticker autographs are also the go to.  Most soccer products that pertain to leagues outside of the United States have sticker autographs.

As of right now, a box will cost around $100.  There is also a Bundesliga edition.

Complete Checklist

Here is what I pulled:


  • Andreas Pereira Archival Autographs Ruby #’ed/25


  • Jeroen Zoet Museum Autograph Relics Gold #’ed/50


  • Marco Reus Meaningful Material Single Relics #’ed/99


  • Iker Casillas Copper #’ed/99
  • Miralem Pjanić Gold #’ed/50


  • Benjamin Henrichs #70
  • Gareth Bale #15
  • Bertrand Traoré #8

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