2019 Topps Baseball Holiday Shopping Guide

Wondering what to get that special baseball collector for the holidays?  A box of baseball cards can be one of the best gifts a collector can receive.  Its basically two gifts in one.  Upon ripping off the wrapping they get the initial surprise of a box.  Then they get to open that box which probably will have even more surprises in it.

Here are my top Topps baseball card products I believe any collector would enjoy.  Dave & Adam’s Card World, Blowout Cards, Steel City Collectibles, and Chicagoland Sports Cards is where I’d shop.

Not every single baseball product released by Topps in 2019 is listed here.  These are products I’m looking forward to, had a lot of luck with, and/or enjoy watching other collectors open.  Your list may differ, but this is mine.  A couple of runner-up products include 2019 Topps High Tek2019 Topps Gold Label2019 Topps Fire, and 2019 Bowman’s Best.

2019 Bowman Draft

Focusing heavily on rookies and prospects, 2019 Bowman Draft should scratch the itch of that collector who’s looking for that next big player.  The main draw is that it contains the first cards of players who were recently drafted by MLB teams over the summer.  Hobby boxes contain (12) packs, (3) autographs, and (24) refractors.  Super Jumbo boxes contain (5) packs, (5) autographs, and (40) refractors.  You can’t get much closer to the beginning of a player’s career than owning their 1st year prospect cards from a Bowman product.

Collector Type: Prospect/Rookie/Set

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Holiday Mega Box

This product is exclusively sold at Walmart.  It places a fun holiday spin to the traditional 2019 Topps flagship design.  The set features (200) cards with rookies of Pete Alonso, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., Keston Hiura, and Eloy Jimenez.  New for 2019 are the short print photo variations.  (10) packs per box.

Every box comes with (1) autograph, relic, or autograph relic.  Some of the more entertaining cards are the Faux Holiday Relics.  These are sure to be conversation starters.  Subjects include Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Frosty the Snowman, and Ebenezer Scrooge.

Retail settings like Walmart and Target are sometimes the best option for card collectors.  If you’re at Walmart doing some holiday shopping, be sure to checkout their card section.  Various Topps products have retail versions.

Despite being sold exclusively at Walmart, these boxes are scooped-up fast.  eBay would be the best place to find them.

Collector Type: Set

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Update Series

When it comes to flagship sets, Update Series has it all.  Players in their recently traded uniforms, and rookie cards of those young prospects recently called-up to the big leagues.  Additional cards of top rookies can also be found.  Great for those collectors who enjoy putting sets together.

Tons of short print photo variations to pull.  Hobby boxes have (24) packs and come with (1) autograph or relic.  Hobby Jumbo boxes have (10) packs and come with (1) autograph and (2) relics.  (300) cards in the set.

Both Hobby and Jumbo boxes come with special Silver Packs.  Hobby (1) and Jumbo (2).  Cards found in these packs resemble 1984 Topps Baseball and are printed on chrome stock.  Parallels and autographs have been randomly inserted.

Collector Type: Set

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Chrome Update Series

Doing some holiday shopping at Target?  Then stop on over at their card section to see if they have any 2019 Topps Chrome Update Series.  Exclusively sold at Target, this product takes (100) cards from the regular Update Series and puts a chrome twist to it.

You can find this product in two different formats – Mega Boxes and Value Packs.  A Mega Box contains (7) packs, while Value Packs come with (3) packs plus an additional pack containing (2) pink refractors.  About 1:10 boxes has an autograph.

Just like the 2019 Topps Holiday Mega Box, Target shoppers will snatch them up.  Check eBay for them.

Collector Type: Set

2019 Topps Stadium Club

Known for it’s renowned photography, 2019 Topps Stadium Club is one of the most visually appealing products that you can open.

A Hobby box will yield (2) on-card autographs.  There are a lot of great autographs to pull, but the photos found on the base set will keep you entertained.  Even if you’re two autographs aren’t life altering, you are guaranteed to have so many nice looking cards once that box is finally opened.

Of all the Topps products, I actually believe this set could survive on it’s own without any autographs.  In today’s age of hit focused collectors, that’s saying quite a lot.

The photography makes every box a great one.

Collector Type: Set

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Archives

Coming in at (300) cards, this retro-inspired brand utilizes classic Topps designs from 1958, 1975, and 1993.

Housed inside each Hobby box are (2) on-card autographs.  Along with top rookies, well-known retired stars, and Hall of Famers, you’ll find autographs of what I call obscure retired players.  These are baseball players who had long and successful careers, but don’t have many autographed cards.

Collector Type: Set

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Clearly Authentic

Over the last few years the Clearly Authentic brand has become one of the more anticipated releases.  Housed inside every box is (1) encased on-card autograph acetate card.  The product has a mix of current players, retired stars, and Hall of Famers.  All on classic card designs.

The see-thru aspect has really connected with collectors.  Between the box I had, and some of the others I’ve seen opened, it seems to be quite the solid product.  A bit riskier given that only (1) card comes in a single box.

Collector Type: Autograph/Risk taker

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Museum Collection

Moving into some higher-end products we have 2019 Topps Museum Collection.  Every box comes with (4) mini-boxes.  Inside each mini-box you’ll find (1) hit.  (1) on-card autograph, (1) autograph relic, (1) quad relic, and (1) prime relic can be found in every master box.  A 100-card base set is there to put together.  It consists of a mixture of rookies, veterans, and Hall of Famers.

What’s always impressed me the most about Museum Collection are the metal-framed autographed cards signed in paint pen.  If you get really lucky, there are Canvas Collection OriginalsCanvas Collection Original Player Autographs, and Canvas Collection Originals Shaped Sketches.

When I opened my box earlier this year I pulled a Juan Soto Auto/Patch #’ed/5, and a Pete Alonso RC #’ed/150 from the same pack.

Collector Type: High-end/Risk taker

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Triple Threads

A regular release since 2006, this high-end product comes with (2) mini-boxes per master box.  Inside each mini-box are (2) hits.  Despite relics and autographs being the main focus, there is a base set to collect.  The latest Triple Threads set consists of (100) cards.

What makes Triple Threads so recognizable are the windows housing many of the relics.  The relic windows tend to spell out funny, interesting, quirky, and historical tidbits about that player.

My box of 2019 Triple Threads really delivered some nice looking cards.  My big pull was a Lou Brock/Tim Raines/Rickey Henderson 150 Years of Baseball Triple Auto Relic #’ed/9.

Collector Type: High-end/Risk taker

Sports Card Info’s box break & review

2019 Topps Dynasty

Now we’re getting into the premium stuff.  Dynasty is one of the most entertaining products to watch people open.  You only get (1) card per box, but that card is guaranteed to be limited to 10-copies or less.  Most collectors will pull a card containing an on-card autograph teamed with a patch.  Both rookies, veterans, and Hall of Famers are represented.

2019 Topps Dynasty includes new Autographed Batting Glove cards #’ed/5.  Rare parallels will feature unique parts of the glove such as the Jumbo Logo and parts of the Wrist Strap.

Collector Type: Premium/Risk taker

2019 Topps Transcendent

Ok.  I’m about to go all Hammacher Schlemmer on you here.  Topps Transcendent is the poster child when it comes to ultra-premium products.  With a price tag of over $20,000 this product packs quite the punch.

Only (100) cases will be produced.  Inside each case you’ll find Transcendent Collection Autographs – 50 (two are #’ed 1/1), (1) Autograph Patch, Autograph Bat Knob or Autograph Nameplate Book Cards (#’ed 1/1), (1) Derek Jeter Autographs (#’ed 1/1), (1) 1953 Superfractor Autographs (#’ed 1/1), (1) Oversized Cut Signature or Letter Patch Autographs (#’ed 1/1), (1) Franchise Favorites Sketch Cards (#’ed 1/1), (1) 50-Card Base Set, (1) 100-Card Franchise Favorites Sketch Reproductions Set, and (1) Ken Griffey Jr. VIP Event Invitation.

If you’re able to attend the VIP Event, you’ll meet Ken Griffey Jr.  In addition to that, many more exclusive cards only available during this event will be waiting for you.

Collector Type: Ultra-premium/risk taker

Topps Custom Cards

Have you considered Topps Custom Cards?  This can make a truly unique gift.  Over on the Topps website you can create your very own trading cards.  Make that special collector in your life the subject of their very own card.  Simply choose your image, design the front and back, and then review/buy.

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