2022 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set

Now its time for the 1973 Topps Baseball design to receive the Heritage treatment.

The original 1973 Topps Baseball set is known for many key cards of Hall of Famers. But one card rises above them all. That card would be the Mike Schmidt/John Hilton/Ron Cey RC #615. 2022 isn’t the first time Mike Schmidt has been included within a Heritage set, but Topps made sure to make some really cool cards of him this year.

The base set consists of a whopping (500) cards. Parallels include French Text #’ed/73, Black Border (50 copies), and Flip Stock (5 copies). Cards #401-500 are Short Prints.

(130) cards have Mini versions #’ed/100.

(100) cards have Chrome versions. Base Chrome cards are #’ed/999. Chrome parallels include Hot Box Purple Refractor, Refractor #’ed/673, Red Refractor #’ed/573, Silver Refractor #’ed/373, Green Refractor #’ed/273, Black Refractor #’ed/73, Gold Refractor #’ed/5, and SuperFractor #’ed 1/1. According to Topps, Trea Turner, Trey Mancini, and Ryan Mountcastle have Chrome cards, but do not appear in the base set. We will see their base cards in 2022 Topps Heritage High Number. Something similar happened with Cavan Biggio in Topps Heritage last year.

Photo variations are a huge part of the Heritage brand. Luckily with Heritage, Topps prints the variation type next to the card number on the back. I’ve also noticed that most of the time they are placed inside packs upside down. This makes identifying them easier. If checking the CMP codes is still your thing, here is a breakdown:

  • Base – #915
  • Short Print – #931
  • Chrome – #935
  • French Text #’ed/73 – #943
  • Error – #944
  • Player Icon Color Swap – #947
  • Throwback – #948
  • Image – #949
  • Team and Name Color Swap – #950
  • Nickname – #951

Autographs include Real One Autographs, Real One Dual Autographs, Real One Triple Autographs, 1973 Cut Signatures, and Oversized Base 1973 Topps Autographs.

Autograph/Relics include Clubhouse Collection Autographed Relics, Clubhouse Collection Dual Autographed Relics, and Flashbacks Autographed Relics.

Relics include 1973 Mint Relics, 1973 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics, Clubhouse Collection Relics, Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics, Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics, and Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics.

Inserts include Baseball Flashbacks, News Flashbacks, New Age Performers, Then and Now, 1973 Topps Pin-Ups Posters, 1973 Baseball Stamped Originals, and Oversized Base 1973 Topps. The checklist also mentions 1973 Topps Comics, 1973 Topps Candy Lids, and 1973 Topps Venezuela Stamps, but I have yet to see these show up.

A hobby box should contain (1) autograph or relic.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Gerrit Cole Clubhouse Collection Relic


  • Francisco Lindor Image #196

Short Prints:

  • J.D. Davis #453
  • Omar Narvaez #432
  • Joe Kelly #423
  • Andy Ibanez RC #441
  • Sam Hilliard #456
  • Taylor Trammell #447
  • Kervin Castro RC #469
  • Orlando Arcia #483


  • Charlie Fox 1973 Baseball Stamped Originals #252
  • News Flashbacks – Watergate Hearings Begin #NF-15
  • Baseball Flashbacks – Ryan Breaks MLB Single-Season Strikeout Record, With 383 #BF-1
  • Then and Now – Darrell Evans/Juan Soto #TAN-ES
  • Then and Now – John Mayberry/Joey Gallo #TAN-MG
  • New Age Performers – Jazz Chisholm Jr. #NAP-13
  • New Age Performers – Andrew Vaughn #NAP-25
  • New Age Performers – Ronald Acuña Jr. #NAP-9
  • New Age Performers – Shohei Ohtani #NAP-4

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  1. Your 1973 Stamped Original is the second one I’ve seen online that has the subject’s head covered by the stamp–not cool! It’s bad enough that they stamp these at all.

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