2022 Topps Opening Day Baseball Hobby Box Break & Review

Collector Type: Set

Topps Opening Day Baseball is a brand that has been around since 1998. It remains one of the most affordable products to buy. With that being said, you aren’t guaranteed to pull any autographs and/or relics out of a single box.

The base set consists of (220) cards. Parallels include Blue Foil (2,022 copies), Black Foil #’ed 1/1, and Printing Plates #’ed 1/1.

(30) cards have Photo Variations. These fall roughly 1:1,132 packs. Not very easy to pull. Checking the CMP code is the best way to go.

  • Base – #225
  • Photo Variation – #246

Autographs include Base Card Image Variations Autographs, Ballpark Profile Autographs, Luck of the Irish Autographs, Mascot Autographs, and Opening Day Autographs.

Autograph/Relics include Autograph Diamond Relics, Dual Autograph Diamond Relic Book, and Mascot Autograph Relics.

Relics include Diamond Relics, Major League Mementos Relics, Mascot Relics, Mascot Patch Relic, Opening Day Relics, and Turf War Dual Diamond Relics.

Inserts include Bomb Squad, Dugout Peeks, Luck of the Irish, Mascots, Opening Day, Triple Play, and Walk this Way.

In the past I’ve had my share of luck with Opening Day. I’ve pulled relics, photo variations, and even a printing plate once. Nothing like that in this box. But I did find a Luck of the Irish insert that falls 1:1,698 packs.

As a Phillies fan it would be great to see Tom McCarthy or any of their broadcasters get an autograph in Opening Day’s Ballpark Profile set. Their PA announcer Dan Baker was featured in the 2020 set.


Here is what I pulled:


  • Trent Grisham Blue Foil
  • Willi Castro Blue Foil


  • Luis Castillo Luck of the Irish
  • Cole/Judge/LeMahieu Triple Play
  • Acuña Jr./Guerrero Jr./Tatis Jr. Triple Play
  • Trout/Ohtani/Rendon Triple Play
  • Hosmer/Machado/Tatis Jr. Triple Play
  • Bellinger/Betts/Kershaw Triple Play
  • San Diego Padres Opening Day
  • Chicago Cubs Opening Day
  • Miami Marlins Opening Day
  • Cincinnati Reds Opening Day
  • Boston Red Sox Opening Day
  • Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day
  • Colorado Rockies Opening Day
  • Screech Mascots
  • Mascot Mascots
  • Clark Mascots
  • Billy the Marlin Mascots
  • Mr. Red Mascots
  • Orbit Mascots
  • Raymond Mascots
  • Fredbird Mascots
  • Dinger Mascots
  • Mariner Moose Mascots
  • Bernie Brewer Mascots
  • David Ortiz Bomb Squad
  • Mike Trout Bomb Squad
  • Babe Ruth Bomb Squad
  • Giancarlo Stanton Bomb Squad
  • Sammy Sosa Bomb Squad
  • Christian Yelich Bomb Squad
  • Cody Bellinger Bomb Squad
  • Fernando Tatis Jr. Bomb Squad
  • Jim Thome Bomb Squad
  • Harmon Killebrew Bomb Squad
  • Ronald Acuña Jr. Bomb Squad
  • Frank Thomas Bomb Squad
  • Javier Baez Bomb Squad

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