Card Show Pickups – 9/17/22

The local mall here in Selinsgrove, PA (Susquehanna Valley Mall) holds a card show on a fairly regular basis. Every few months the 40 table show sets up. The show opened at 9:00 a.m. and closed at 5:00 p.m.

This time vendors were setup right outside one of those Spirit Halloween stores which seem to popup right after the Fourth of July. So the foot traffic was quite heavy. Other times of the year, specifically March and November, the show is moved to another part of the mall because they are preparing for kids to visit with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus in the normal location. The card show gets the boot whenever a fictional furry creature is visiting.

Among the 40 tables you could find a decent combination of vintage and modern cards. I saw some sealed wax. A high school classmate of mine had one of the better looking booths. He had boxes filled with autographs, relics, parallels, and inserts all organized by team. Very fun to look through not knowing what you might find.

One of the oddest things I saw was a massive collection of Colton Hock 2017 Bowman Draft cards one dealer had. Hock is from Bloomsburg, PA and is currently playing with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins). The lot looked to be all autographs (various parallels), and had a $1,500 price tag on it.

I picked up three cards for my Phillies collection. Ate a cup of cinnamon pretzel bites from Auntie Anne’s for lunch.

Scott Rolen 2022 Topps Pristine Slice Of A Star Auto/Relic
John Kruk 2022 Topps Series 2 1987 Topps Auto Black Parallel #’ed/199
Bryce Harper 2020 Topps Series 1 1985 Topps Relic

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  1. I set up at 2+ shows a month in Connecticut. It is a totally different tone and economic ecosystem than trying to BST online. If anyone has a local show near them please make an effort to go support it, some of the best friends and best deals I’ve made in the hobby have happened at local card shows!

  2. […] returning home from attending a mall card show, I began to rearrange a few items on my shelf. When finished, I realized I had two empty spots […]

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