Shikellamy Card Show – 1/7/23 – Phillies Prospect Autograph Signing

Needing to pickup some new top loaders is always a good reason to visit your local card shop. That’s exactly what I did this weekend. Sports Zone Toys & Comics located in Sunbury, PA is a great shop.

Right around the corner from my local card shop is the Shikellamy High School. The high school band was holding a card show for a fundraiser. 40+ dealers setup at the show. Admission was $1.00. And a Phillies prospect signed autographs for no additional cost. Not a bad deal.

Phillies pitching prospect Braeden Fausnaught signed autographs from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Fausnaught is a local graduate of Danville Area High School. He went on to play at West Chester University. On 8/1/22 the Phillies signed him to a minor league contract. He is currently with the FCL Phillies.

In 2022 he pitched in (2) games with a total of (2) IP, and had (3) SO. As of right now his ERA is 0.00. Not even Nolan Ryan can say that. Fausnaught currently doesn’t have any cards to collect. I thought he did have some cards, but got him confused with Nate Fassnacht who also is in the minor leagues for the Phillies. Two completely different people with a last name that is pronounced the same, but spelled differently.

Originally I had planned just to visit my local card shop. But while eating lunch at Burger King the decision was made to check out the show since it was so close.

Normally I would take one of my baseball bats to get signed. Since this was a last minute decision I didn’t have anything for him to autograph. The show was packed with cards, but I came up empty when looking for a baseball to buy for him to sign.

I wasn’t totally out of luck. A local artist made a drawing of Braeden Fausnaught, and had prints available.

The show looked to be well attended. Fausnaught had a steady group of fans wanting his autograph for the time he was there.

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