Pin Pickups From The 2013 Little League World Series

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Collectible lapel pins are big throughout the Little League World Series.  They aren’t limited to just the corporate sponsors that have booths setup on the Little League Campus either.  Many businesses in Williamsport have pins made, and in a lot of cases all you need to do in order to get one is stop in.  Dunkin’ Donuts, Dairy Queen, Penn College, Skylar Frozen Yogurt, Wegmans, and the Williamsport Sun Gazette are just some of the places you can obtain more pins.  Its just like getting promos during the National Sports Collectors Convention, except its on a city wide scale versus being confined to one building.  One thing I’m noticing this year is that companies are issuing different pins at multiple locations.  Some companies are giving out different pins each day.  Not every one of these pin promotions is officially announced either, but I did see a few billboards for companies advertising their pins.  By not announcing all of the pin promotions adds a little mystery to some of the pins.

A company that I think would fit in well at Little League is OYO Sportstoys.  Not only could they giveaway pins, but commemorative minifigures for the kids as well.  Maybe one day this will happen.

I usually go up at least once each year.  Mainly for the food and promos.  Yesterday was the fullest I’ve ever seen it.  The newly renovated World Of Little League Museum seemed to be very busy.  It was a good idea that I took a tour last month.

Here are some of the pins I was able to pickup:

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