ITG Celebrates Chi-Town With Their 2013 National VIP Set

ITG has unveiled their 9-card set that will be made available to VIPs that attend this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.  As you can see, this set celebrates Chi-Town.  Players in this set include: Tony Esposito, Bobby Hull, Glenn Hall, Stan Mikita, Roy Conacher, Charlie Gardiner, Bill Mosienko, Max Bentley and Pierre Pilote.  I think these are nicer than those puzzles ITG has made for past VIP packages.

 photo bill-mosienko_zps028dca4f.jpg

 photo tony-esposito_zps34d2b2d9.jpg

 photo stan-mikita_zps5a8316a3.jpg

 photo roy-conacher_zpsb24de25c.jpg

 photo pierre-pilote_zps20fa7b27.jpg

 photo glenn-hall_zps31f31eb8.jpg

 photo charlie-gardiner_zps26ba08d8.jpg

 photo max-bentley_zps7b0b8c85.jpg

 photo bobby-hull_zps3520c1fc.jpg

Panini Gives Collectors First Look At Their 2013 National Set

The National is all about promos, and if there is one company that knows how to properly give stuff away its Panini.  Their booth has a constant flow of collectors running through it when the wrapper redemption programs are going on.  Last year people were lining up two hours ahead of the scheduled start time just so they could get their hands on some of these promo packs.  This is where your social skills come in handy because you’ll be standing in line for awhile.  There is a good chance you’re going to get to know the other people around you.

This afternoon Panini gave us our first look at the base set and inserts that fill this year’s promotion.  As it has been for many other years, you’ll need to open specific packs and/or boxes at the Panini booth in order to obtain your promo packs.  This is just the beginning.  Panini will have plenty of autographs, relics, player sketch cards, and full-sized pieces of memorabilia to give away.  At least Panini gives people time to get into the show, buy their boxes, and scope out the line.  Panini’s programs usually start around lunch which gives you plenty of time to get ready.  Topps on the other hand is a mad dash through the front door as soon as the show opens.  This is how it was last year.

 photo panini-america-2013-national-team-colors-3_zps9db0ecaa.jpg

ITG Brings Back The Ultimate Memorabilia SuperBox For This Year’s National

 photo um12-boxmock_zps67c1ab75.jpg

According to Dr. Prices’s blog, it looks like In The Game will bring back its Ultimate Memorabilia SuperBox for the National Sports Collectors Convention that begins later this month.  This marks the second year in a row for them to do so.  This year’s SuperBox applies to ITG’s Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition hockey product.  ITG has only made 100 UM-12 SuperBoxes for the National this year.

Each UM-12 SuperBox will contain a 1/1 Extra Card inserted into UM-12 boxes and in addition the UM-12 National SuperBoxes can be redeemed at The National for a 1/1 Redemption Card.

 photo superbox-special-card_zps8e7d2976.jpg

Extra Card – Each UM-12 Ultimate Memorabilia SuperBox will contain an Enshrined Memorabilia Card made specifically for the 34th National.  Every Enshrined Memorabilia Card will contain a relic from a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Oh ya!  These are all numbered 1/1 too.

 photo superbox-redemption-card_zps42621c4f.jpg

Redemption – The UM-12 Ultimate Memorabilia SuperBox itself can be redeemed for a special 1/1 Enshrined Dual Game-Used Memorabilia Card featuring two members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If you’re having trouble finding one of these UM-12 Ultimate Memorabilia National SuperBoxes, shoot ITG an e-mail at: and put National SuperBox in the subject line.  Arrangements can be made to ship your SuperBox for pick-up in Chicago if you act quickly.

ITG’s Ultimate Memorabilia 12th Edition is a super high-end hockey product that costs around $600.00 per box.  Its not for your average hockey collector.  Don’t worry, ITG will have more promotional programs that involve their other products which don’t cost quite as much to take part in.

Panini Unveils Their VIP Set For The National

VIPs attending the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention this month will receive a 6-card set thanks to Panini.  The set will consist of E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith, Oscar Taveras, and Nail Yakupov.  Along with these four cards collectors will find a coupon which can be redeemed at the Panini booth for two additional mystery cards.  No word yet on who the mystery cards are of, but I feel confident that one of them will be Yasiel Puig.

 photo panini-america-2013-national-vip-1_zpsce543cd3.jpg

 photo panini-america-2013-national-vip-2_zps6df3d801.jpg

 photo panini-america-2013-national-vip-3_zpscfe9303d.jpg

 photo panini-america-2013-national-vip-4_zpsa2b56fad.jpg

Leaf Bucks Return For The 34th National

Leaf Bucks will be returning this year for the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention.  Collectors opening eligible Leaf products at their booth can earn Leaf Bucks which can be redeemed for various pieces of memorabilia, cards, etc.  Among the promos will be an exclusive Yasiel Puig set, Johnny Manziel autographed sketch cards, a never-before-released Damian Lillard Leaf Valiant autographed card, and you could win a Josh Gibson Cut Signature.

The eligible products include:

  •  2012 Leaf Legends of Sport
  •  2013 Ace Authentics Signature Series Tennis
  •  2012-2013 Leaf Metal Basketball
  •  2012-2013 Leaf Best of Basketball
  •  2013 Leaf Best of Hockey
  •  2013 Leaf Legends of Gridiron Cut Signature
  •  2013 Leaf Legends of The Ring Cut Signature
  •  2013 Leaf Metal Draft Football
  •  2013 Leaf Valiant Draft Football
  •  2013 Leaf Trinity Football
  •  2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball
  •  2013 Leaf Rookie Retro
  •  2013 Leaf U.S. Army All-American Football
  •  2013 Leaf Pop Century
  •  2013 Leaf Masterpiece Cuts
  •  2013 Leaf Pride of the Pinstripes Cut Signature

Leaf will also be foil stamping cards with the National’s logo much like they did last year.

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_1_zpsc827abd1.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_2_zpsffa3da61.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_6_zps062b963d.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_5_zpse18205ac.jpg

 photo 13LN_Front_Puig_Page_4_zpsdde53851.jpg

 photo jgcsig_zps98d93ed8.jpg

 photo dllvauto_zps299dbf64.jpg

 photo jmauto_zpsa8c52868.jpg

 photo rlosebb_zpsd6af0ab8.jpg

Puig, Rose, & Flair Highlight Leaf’s VIP Set For The National

VIPs attending the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention will receive a 7-card set thanks to Leaf Trading Cards.  The set will contain cards of Yasiel Puig, Frank Thomas, Pete Rose, Hope Solo, Ric Flair, Royce Gracie, and Dave Hester.

 photo 994220_10151489632066977_1722514456_n_zps8347301e.jpg

 photo 994220_10151489632071977_1711742812_n_zpsf1ab9f5b.jpg

 photo 994220_10151489632061977_1527244004_n_zps8bce2d45.jpg

 photo 1002083_10151489637791977_727732693_n_zpsf3e43077.jpg

 photo 1043907_10151489633576977_991950646_n_zps121bfd61.jpg

 photo 1044689_10151489629861977_2038714720_n_zps57cc94b3.jpg

 photo 998018_10151489638396977_1347148337_n_zps6e62ba69.jpg

Geno Smith’s ’52 Bowman Style Portrait Is Heading To The National

 photo 1040752_613925101964547_2117318429_o_zpsde1a39ba.jpg

Artist James Henry Smith just finished up this Geno Smith portrait that Topps will use for their ’52 Bowman style promo set which will be given away during the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention this year.  Other players in the set will include Mike TroutErnie BanksBryce HarperFrank Thomas, Tavon AustinEddie Lacy, and EJ Manuel.  Topps will give away 100 copies of each card every day of the NSCC to those who open (5) packs of a Topps or Bowman product at their booth.  Then they’ll wrap things up by giving away the original pieces of art that will be autographed by the players.

There you have it.  All eight portraits are complete and off to Topps for scanning and signing.  Then to Chicago!

 photo 1052659_613928321964225_83867500_o1_zps22edb7ef.jpg

Upper Deck Releases Their Promo Plans For The 34th National

Earlier this week Upper Deck gave us a peak at their 6-card set that VIPs attending the 2013 National Sports Collectors Convention would receive.  Now we get into the real meat and potatoes – Upper Deck’s wrapper redemption programs.

Although I don’t see any special Precious Metal Gems parallels or Animal Kingdom patch cards being made, Upper Deck seems to have a whole bunch of activities planned.

Wrapper Redemption Program – Collectors just need to purchase five (5) packs of 2013 SPx Football2013 Upper Deck Football (Hobby)2012-13 SP Authentic Basketball2012-13 NHL SP Authentic or 2013 Goodwin Champions OR two (2) packs of 2012 Fleer Retro Football2012-13 NHL Fleer Retro or 2012-13 Fleer Retro Basketball to receive one (1) 2013 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention Pack.  These five (5) card packs must be purchased from a Certified Diamond Dealer who will provide collectors with an Upper Deck issued voucher for the redemption program.  The program will begin at different times each day starting on Thursday and run as long as supplies last.  Collectors can take advantage of the promotion up to four times per person, per day.

Here is the schedule:

  • Thursday (12 p.m.): Rory McIlroy, Mark McGwire, Troy Glaus, Jonathan Toews, Cheyenne Woods
  • Friday (10 a.m.): LeBron James, Tony Cingrani, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Gwynn, Brandon Saad
  • Saturday (10 a.m.): Tiger Woods, Bobby Hull, Reggie Jackson, Pete Incaviglia, Ken Griffey Jr.
  • Sunday (10 a.m.): Michael Jordan, Frank Thomas, Patrick Kane, Darryl Strawberry, Jim Abbott

Collectors can look for randomly inserted autographs too.

Case Breaker Promotion – Based on the success of the case breaker promotion at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention, Upper Deck will bring the program back for 2013 with 25 high-end items available to fans looking to open cases of the company’s Fleer Retro brands.  Collectors can open a sealed six (6) box case of 2012-13 Fleer Retro Basketball, 2012-13 Fleer Retro NHL or 2013 Fleer Retro Football without waiting in any lines at any time throughout the show to receive the following:

  • (20) 2013 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention Packs (4 packs from each day)
  • (1) Case Breaker Raffle Ticket good for a random memorabilia item, trading card or one of five (5) Michael Jordan autograph cards produced exclusively for the National Sports Collectors Convention.  The item selected will be immediately available to the participant.

As with the other wrapper redemption promotions, the product must be purchased from a Certified Diamond Dealer at the show who provides the collector with an Upper Deck issued voucher.  Collectors can open up to one case, per person, per day at the show.  This promotion is limited to the first 25 collectors to take part in the promotion.

Expired Redemption Raffle – It was just last year Upper Deck rolled out the first-ever expired redemption raffle at the National Sports Collectors Convention and it was a tremendous success so it will be back in 2013. Collectors and store owners may bring up to five (5) unscratched, expired Upper Deck autograph redemption cards to the Upper Deck Corporate Booth by Saturday, August 3 before 10:30 a.m. to take part in the program.  Those who wish to participate DO NOT need to attend the trade show.  Collectors and shop owners can send in up to five (5) unscratched, expired Upper Deck autograph redemption cards to the address below to participate as well.

The Upper Deck Company
Attn. The Upper Deck Expired Redemption Raffle Program
2251 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Collectors who send in their cards need to legibly write their name, address, phone number and email address to the front of the expired Upper Deck redemption card (in the white area) in black or blue ink.  Cards not received in time for this event will be carried over to the next Expired Redemption Raffle.  Upper Deck will have 100 PRIZES available in this raffle consisting mostly of limited autograph cards, memorabilia cards, unopened boxes and signed promotional items from Upper Deck Authenticated.

What cards are eligible for The Upper Deck Expired Redemption Raffle Program?

  • Expired redemption cards must have been manufactured by Upper Deck (legal copy on the back of the redemption card will indicate if it was produced by Upper Deck or not).  Redemption cards from other manufacturers will NOT BE HONORED.
  • Expired redemption cards must be modern-era redemptions with a scratch off code that has not been scratched.  Older redemption cards without a scratch off code are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Expired redemption cards must be for an autograph trading card or signed memorabilia item.  Redemption cards for unsigned draft picks, rookie cards, regular cards or memorabilia cannot be honored.  Additionally, expired sweepstakes offers are not valid for this promotion either.

Upper Deck also has some more activities going on as well, plus some unannounced surprises.  For more information be sure to check out the official Upper Deck Blog.

 photo 13nsccwgauto_zpsf941609b.jpg

Tavon Austin’s ’52 Bowman Style Portrait Is Ready For The National

 photo 1040625_613259642031093_344801588_o_zpsa5c5b519.jpg

Artist James Henry Smith just finished up this Tavon Austin portrait that Topps will use for their ’52 Bowman style promo set which will be given away during the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention this year.  Other players in the set will include Mike TroutErnie BanksBryce HarperFrank Thomas, Geno Smith, Eddie Lacy, and EJ Manuel.  Topps will give away 100 copies of each card every day of the NSCC to those who open (5) packs of a Topps or Bowman product at their booth.  Then they’ll wrap things up by giving away the original pieces of art that will be autographed by the players.

Cooper’s Yankees Dream Scene Is Complete & Heading To Chicago

 photo 966698_206562699494417_2025565001_o1_zps0f13d5ab.jpg

What if, for one brief shining moment, the greatest Bronx Bombers in history could gather together—each in the ultimate prime of their careers—to swap stories, talk shop, pal around and have a ball…and what if WE were lucky enough to be flies on the clubhouse wall bearing witness to it all.

As I reported back in February, artist Jamie Cooper was beginning to work on the Yankees Dream Scene painting.  After numerous sketches and hours of hard work, Mr. Cooper has finished another one of his masterpieces.  This 4.5′ x 5.5′ painting will be auctioned off by Legendary Auctions on August 2nd in Chicago, right in time for the National Sports Collectors Convention.  Many Phillies fans are familiar with Cooper’s work as he is the artist behind the Phillies Dream Scene that now hangs in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park.  The amount of research that Mr. Cooper puts into his pieces is amazing.  The Yankees Dream Scene consists of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, and Derek Jeter.  Just like with the Phillies Dream Scene, Mr. Cooper has thrown in a lot of little historical details that you might not see right away.

There is no word yet on whether or not reproduction prints will be made, but I’m sure if enough Yankees fans inquiry about it you’ll see it happen.  According to Mr. Cooper, “My goal is to get this out to all Yankees fans and drive interest in a full size Yankees piece on the scale of the Phillies Dream scene.”