Remembering HK


Tonight the Phillies will be wearing an HK patch on their uniforms in honor of Harry Kalas.  They plan to wear them all year.  Usually they place a patch like this on the sleeve, but this one will be placed on the front of the jersey near the heart.  I plan to display this HK patch on Sports Card Info for the remainder of the baseball season.  Please feel free to copy & paste the HTML code below to display the patch on your own website or blog.

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Blog/hkpatch.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Remembering HK”></a>

Keith Olbermann Joins The Blogosphere

I know, I know,  Keith Olbermann has been blogging for awhile about politics, but this time its about baseball.  Avid card collector and broadcaster Keith Olbermann has started his own baseball blog located at  Its called Baseball Nerd.  He has always been one of my favorite broadcasters to listen to.  Check it out.