Jimmy Rollins To Appear At Upcoming CSA Show

On November 11, 12, & 13 CSA (Collectors’ Showcase of America) will be holding one of their sports card & memorabilia shows at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks.  In addition to some old Colts and Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins will be signing autographs on Saturday, the 12th, from 12:00pm-2:00pm.

This will be the first time I’ve attended this particular show.  From what I heard from other dealers at The Philly Show it should be really good.  The last Philly Show wasn’t the best in Valley Forge.  That’s why I thought I’d give this show a try.  The December Philly Show has a ton of Phillies coming like Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, and Charlie Manuel.  I might go to that one, but I’m not sure yet.  Dealers have really been dropping from that show.


The Philly Show Is Dying

Hunt Auctions is the owner of The Philly Show, and they are down right killing it.  Ever since the show moved to the Valley Forge Convention Center fewer dealers have been coming.  They keep raising the price for booth space, and the facility the show is held in is falling apart.  This doesn’t take into account that the bathrooms look like a crime scene from CSI and they didn’t have the air conditioning on.  The dealers and visitors weren’t warned about any of the construction that is currently taking place either.  To get to the show, you had to take such a long walk through the hotel.  They could have had more tables to sit at too.  Upper Deck, Hunt Auctions owner should be ashamed.  I miss the days when The Philly Show was held at The Fort Washington Expo Center and The Greater Reading Expo Center.

Since there were such few dealers it didn’t take long to browse through most of the tables.  As usual there were a lot of vintage cards, but I did find some dealers that carried modern stuff.  I didn’t purchase any single cards for my collection.  Instead I bought two boxes of 2011 Topps Finest Football from Marty’s Sports Card Exchange, a few supplies from Eddie of ESE Supplies, and an autograph ticket for Pat Gillick.  MAB Celebrity does a great job when it comes to organizing and bring in the athletes.  That still is a big draw for collectors.

This may have been the last time I attend The Philly Show for awhile until they shape up.  That’s what I heard from a lot of dealers.  I might give the show at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center a shot.  Many dealers had positive things to say about it.  I hear its run by the same group that does the Chantilly show.

Tomorrow I will reveal what I pulled from my two boxes of 2011 Topps Finest Football.


Pat Gillick – 2011 member of the Baseball HOF.  Gillick was the General Manager of the Phillies when they won the 2008 World Series.  He was very nice to come out from behind the table for a photo.


Gillick’s signature can be seen on the right


Bill Mazeroski


Julius Erving – “Dr. J”


Former Phillies shortstop Dickie Thon


Former Phillies second baseman/shortstop Mariano Duncan


Former Phillies Outfielder Ollie Brown


Tyrell Biggs – 1984 Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist

Ephrata Rec Center Sports Card Show Results

I’ve been attending the Ephrata Rec Center Sports Card Show for years.  It has been around for over 30 years, and is usually packed with a ton of good Phillies stuff.  I busted (2) boxes of 2010 Panini Century Collection, and picked-up a few Phillies singles for my collection.  Former Phillies catcher Bob Boone was signing autographs.

2010 Panini Century Collection “Hits”:

Box #1

  • Greta Garbo Hollywood Materials Relic #’ed/250
  • Frank Sinatra Hollywood Materials Relic #’ed/250
  • Knute Rockne Souvenir Stamps Relic #’ed/250
  • Eddie Mathews Relic #’ed/250
  • Norm Ullman Souvenir Stamps Auto/Relic #’ed/15
  • Duke Snider Brooklyn Ballpark Auto #’ed/10

Box #2

  • Tony Perez 2-Color Patch/Auto #’ed/25
  • James Cagney/Judy Garland Dual Hollywood Materials Relic #’ed/250
  • Knute Rockne Souvenir Stamps Relic #’ed/250
  • Jim Rice Blast From The Past Relic #’ed/250
  • Willie Stargell Relic #’ed/100
  • Bruce Jenner Souvenir Stamps Auto #’ed/36

Individual Pick-ups:

  • Gary Matthews 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Auto
  • Jamie Moyer 1996 Leaf Signature Series Auto


Bob Boone

  • 4 x All-Star selection
  • World Series Champion – 1980
  • 7 x Gold Glove Award winner


I couldn’t pass up on this Jimmy Rollins bobble-head.  This was a stadium giveaway in 2008 with the Clearwater Threshers.  The dealer didn’t know what he paid for it, and said “Give me $20.00”.  I took it!

The Philly Show – March 5, 2011

Its been almost a year since I’ve been to The Philadelphia Sportscard & Memorabilia Show, which is held at the Valley Forge Convention Center.  I noticed a few less dealers, but I had fun.  I got some autographs, busted a few boxes, and did what your suppose to do at The Philly Show.  Let me tell you something.  There are two dealers at this show that do extremely well.  One is Marty’s Sportscard Exchange and the other is ESE Supplies.  Marty Davis of Marty’s Sportscard Exchange always has the best deals on wax, and Eddie of ESE Supplies has any type of holder you’d need.  I even stopped by the Louisville Slugger booth.

FYI – a few vintage sets were stolen at the show.  The announcer said the sets came from 1961 and 1971.  They did not state which sport.



Phillies Fan Favorite Jamie Moyer – Moyer made his MLB debut the day I was born


Art Mahaffey was the 1st Philly to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  You can see Lenny Dykstra (my personal accountant) in the background wearing the hat.


Former Boston Red Sox Manager and Phillies Pitching Coach Joe Kerrigan


Hunt Auctions had an impressive display of memorabilia.  This old “Casey at the Bat” book really caught my eye.


In the top right corner, you’ll see an issue of Beckett Baseball with Ryan Howard on the cover.  I’m actually in that issue for when I wrote a little piece on Victor Martinez’s first card.


More memorabilia from Hunt Auctions


One of my first stops of the day was at the Louisville Slugger booth.  I purchased a new bat with the Phillies logo and “SPORTS CARD INFO” engraved on it.  Then I got Moyer and Mahaffey to sign it.

Ephrata Rec Center March 2010 Show Report

The Ephrata Rec Center Show is one of my favorites to attend because it has always had a bunch of Phillies stuff.  Its not the biggest show in the world, probably only a few basketball courts filled with dealers.  Ever since I’ve started collecting I’ve gone to this annual show.  The Ephrata Lions Club has been holding this show for 31 years and it never seems to disappoint.

Its about a 2 hour ride to the Rec Center, and the show opened at 8:30 a.m.  I wanted to get there early because the Lions Club was selling tickets for collectors to get their items signed by Fergie Jenkins.  I arrived right at 8:30 a.m. and my ticket number was 111.  That means at least 110 other people came before me, not counting the dealers because they can get their items signed without purchasing a ticket.  I thought the show was very well attended and the prices on the singles (at least the ones I purchased) weren’t that bad.  The boxes were priced higher than usual, but thats common for this show since there is usually only one dealer that sells a large portion of unopened products.


Jenkins signing my bat.


Fergie Jenkins’s rookie can be found in the 1966 Topps set.  He was also the first Canadian to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I had a great time at the show, and picked up some good stuff.  Check it out!


  • Domonic Brown 2008 Playoff Contenders RC
  • Domonic Brown 2008 Bowman Chrome Refractor

Box Breaks:

2009 UD Ultimate Collection Football –

  • Brett Favre base #’ed/375
  • Brandon Jacobs base #’ed/375
  • Drew Bledsoe Ultimate Legends #’ed/375
  • Don Maynard / Steve Largent Ultimate Dual Signatures Auto #’ed/35

2010 Topps Finest Baseball –


  • Felix Hernandez #’ed/599
  • Pablo Sandoval Blue #’ed/299
  • Nelson Cruz #’ed/599
  • Mark Reynolds #’ed/599
  • Manny Ramirez Blue #’ed/299
  • John Hester Green #’ed/99
  • Paul Konerko #’ed/599
  • Pedro Viola #’ed/599
  • Nelson Cruz Blue #’ed/299
  • B.J. Upton Blue #’ed/599


  • Dustin Richardson Letterman Auto #’ed/217
  • Ian Desmond Letterman Auto #’ed/170
  • Justin Morneau Finest Moments Auto

Rookie Redemption:

  • 2010 Topps Finest Rookie Redemption #1

The Dec. ’09 Philly Show Report

After talking to one of my local shop owners, I didn’t know what to expect while attending The Philly Show this weekend in Valley Forge, PA.  I arrived at the Valley Forge Convention Center at about 9:15 in the morning and the parking lot didn’t seem too full.  Browsing around the show floor you could see that about one third of the dealers weren’t there.  I highly doubt it was the weather, but instead probably because of the increasing setup fees from Hunt Auctions.  Did you know Upper Deck owns Hunt Auctions?  Today was the first time I had heard that.  MAB-Celebrity was in charge of getting the autograph guests for the show, and I think they did a great job.  All of the signers this weekend were or still are Phillies.  Bringing all Phillies in is a great idea from MAB-Celebrity.  Being so close to Philadelphia it just makes sense.  Ever since Hunt Auctions purchased The Philly Show, MAB-Celebrity has brought in big name players like Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, and Frank Robinson, but they really hit the jackpot when it comes to Phillies.  I had never seen so many people lined up for signatures.  This was by far one of the fullest shows I’ve been to.  The dealer that told me Upper Deck owns the show said he wishes they would bring in Michael Jordan and/or LeBron James and just let people get their photo with them for a few bucks.  If Upper Deck did that the place would be extremely packed, but I like the idea.  I hope they continue to bring more Phillies to the show.

While heading for lunch, I met the blogger who runs Phungo and he handed me some custom made Phillies cards for my collection.  The pack even included a card of Harry Kalas.  I also saw Chris Harris from Stale Gum from a distance.  When I started blogging, I never thought I would get recognized at shows 🙂  Thanks Phungo for the cool cards!!!!!!!!!

I got a few autographs, busted some wax, and pulled some insane stuff!!!!  Here are some of the highlights.


Former Phillies catcher Todd Pratt


Pete Rose signing my bat.  I hope he makes it into the HOF someday.


Mike Schmidt


Pratt’s signature is all the way to the right.


Rose has such a huge signature.  It takes up a good portion of the bat and looks awesome.


This Rose ’08 Sports Legends jersey #’ed/100 is the only single I purchased from a dealer.


Pulled this Stafford autograph jersey/ball/jersey #’ed/299 from a single pack of ’09 Absolute.


I took a chance with ’09 UD Black Football and man did it pay off.  This is my first Peyton Manning autograph and it is #’ed/18.  It also contains a piece of film.


Tried a pack of ’09 Leaf Limited and pulled this Brees autograph jersey #’ed/25.


Pulled this from my pack of ’09 Leaf Limited too.  Quad jersey relic of Turner/Peterson/Jones/Brown #’ed/100


I wanted to try a box of ’09 Topps Unique.  Pulled this 3 color Freddy Sanchez patch #’ed/99.  While opening my box of Unique, another collector sat down at the table and started opening their box of Unique too.  They pulled an Utley jersey and an Ibanez autograph 🙂


This was probably my best hit from ’09 Topps Unique and it isn’t even “game used”.  These Presidential Bat Barrels are quite difficult to pull.  I think they come one per case.

Overall, this was probably one of the better shows since Hunt Auctions purchased The Philly Show.  I think Hunt Auctions and MAB-Celebrity finally learned what draws in the fans.  Hopefully some of those dealers return for the show in March.  You can definitely say the “MOJO” was with me today, after seeing all the cool stuff I pulled like the Manning autograph.  I give this show 4.5 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).


CC Collectibles Show With Bill Bergey

This morning I made the 40 minute drive to the Marysville Lions Club to attend one of the CC Collectibles shows.  The show was a little bigger than your standard mall show and I got to see some of the regular dealers.  Former Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagle’s linebacker Bill Bergey arrived around lunchtime to sign a few autographs.  They had a lot of Eagles memorabilia you could purchase for Bergey to sign, but I took along my football.  I think this was the last autograph on this football because its getting a little full.

It didn’t take long to look through many of the dealer’s tables.  I picked up the following singles for my personal collection:

  • Lynn Swann ’08 UD Premier Dual Jersey #’ed/65 – this was the first Swann relic I’ve seen in person.  Goes great with my old relic collection.
  • Christy Mathewson ’09 Topps Commemorative 1905 World Series Patch – I know its a manufactured patch, but I really like Mathewson cards and it looks cool.  I go by his college and grave everyday on my way to school.
  • J.A. Happ ’04 Bowman Chrome First Year – One dealer had an album full of Phillies cards.  As soon as I found this one I knew I had to have it.
  • Shane Victorino ’03 Bowman’s Best First Year – Another dealer had a huge stack of Victorino cards from 2003.  Even though he is in a Dodgers uniform I bought it.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Victorino rookies at one dealer’s table in all my life.

I also purchased a box of ’09 Absolute Memorabilia Football from a dealer located in York, PA.  I pulled the following hits:

  • Shonn Greene Jersey/Ball/Jersey Auto #’ed/299
  • Jason Smith Jersey Auto #’ed/25
  • “Cadillac” Williams Prime Jersey/Shoe #’ed/50
  • Leon Washington/Jerricho Cotchery/Thomas Jones Triple Patch #’ed/25

Overall it was a decent show.  A lot of Phillies, Eagles, and Steelers stuff.  Another dealer had a box full of vintage graded cards going all the way back to the 30’s.  It was fun looking through all of those cards.  I give this show 3 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).



Bill Bergey has autographs in ’97 UD Legends, ’99 UD SP Signature, and ’04 UD Legends.

The Sept. ’09 Philly Show Report

Overall Score:Photobucket

3 hot dogs out of 5

Today I went to the Valley Forge Convention Center to attend the Philadelphia Sports Card & Memorabilia Show which is operated by Hunt Auctions.  Hunt Auctions must have read my report on the last show because things seemed to run a bit smoother this time.  Entering the show, I could tell there were a lot more places to sit to go through your purchases and grab a bite to eat.  This time the show wasn’t on the basement floor and the bathrooms were a lot nicer and didn’t look like a crime scene from CSI.  Making my way around the show I stopped at some of my favorite dealers such as Shaffer’s Trading Cards, Marty’s Sports Card Exchange, and MLS Cards.  They all said they did about average during The National but nothing spectacular.  The show seemed to be running a little slow and wasn’t that full (at least when I was there).  About 90% of the dealers still go by “Book Value” which I think we all know means nothing in today’s hobby.  Book Value is really destroying The Hobby and is one of the main reasons why dealers have such a hard time making sales.  The dealers I talked to were also angry that Hunt Auctions didn’t advertise the show very well.  For some crazy reason I get the feeling these show promoters get their money from the dealers and then pocket it for themselves and do little if any marketing.  I heard a lot of dealers say “Its not like the early 90’s anymore”.

After browsing the show for awhile, I decided to make my purchases.  I managed to pickup two really cool singles for my collection while busting a pack of ’09 Sterling Football and two boxes of ’09 Absolute Football.  Check out what I got.

Hunt Auctions was a little more organized this time when it came to the autograph guests.  I could clearly see where you were suppose to go when your signer arrived.  I was able to meet Johnny Bench and Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, and obtained photos of everyone that was signing.  Click on each photo for a closer look.


Johnny Bench was very nice.  I’m glad I was able to get him on my bat.


Bench’s signature is right under “Sports Card Info”


Dave “The Hammer” Schultz really likes talking to collectors.  He was the Left Wing for the Flyers and holds the NHL record for penalty minutes in a single season.


This is the first time I ever got a hockey puck signed.  Dave “The Hammer” Schultz was the free autograph guest today.


Carlton Fisk


Muhammad Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee


Joe Frazier came in wearing a cowboy hat and gold around his neck.

The next Philly Show takes place on December 4-6.  So far the autograph guests include:

  • Pete Rose
  • Steve Carlton
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Cole Hamels

I have always enjoyed this show and will continue to go as long as they have it.  I seem to find a lot of great stuff for my personal collection and the wax is usually priced reasonably.  If anyone lives close to Valley Forge, I encourage you to attend.

Autograph Lineup For The Sept. ’09 Philly Show

According to show Manager Paul Kutch, this will be the autograph lineup for The Philly Show that takes place on Sept. 25-27 at the Valley Forge Convention Center.

Sat. 9-26-09

  • Johnny Bench
  • Carlton Fisk
  • Joe Frazier
  • Angelo Dundee
  • Dave “The Hammer” Schultz – This will be the FREE one that comes with your ticket

Sun. 9-27-09

  • Whitey Ford
  • Bob Boone
  • Ric Flair
  • Greg Gross – this will be the FREE autograph that comes with your ticket

The show’s website states that Yogi Berra is coming but he wasn’t on the list that the Manager just sent to me.  It looks as if they replaced Berra with Frazier.  I wasn’t planning on paying the high price for Berra, but it would have been cool to see him.

Ephrata Rec. Center 2010 Show Information

For those collectors that live in Central Pennsylvania one of the best sports card shows takes place once a year in Ephrata at their Recreational Center.  When I first started collecting this was the big show of the year for me.  Its still a very good show, especially for Phillies fans.  I can’t recall another show that has so much Phillies stuff.  Next year it will take place on Saturday, March 27, 2010 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Baseball Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins will be signing autographs that day for collectors.  For more information about the show click here.