Unboxing The TeenyMates NFL Series 4 Collectors Tin

 photo collectortinseries4mflteenymates_zpsdyge93ad.jpg

Its no surprise that the TeenyMates people decided to put together another collectible tin product this year.  Especially when it comes to their Series 4 NFL figures.  Last fall, TeenyMates released their first packaged tin product with their line of Series 3 NFL figures.  That tin became one of the most popular products that TeenyMates ever released.  For some reason the production run was low, and they were eventually difficult to find.  What once sold for around $15.00 skyrocketed to almost $100.00.  Today those Series 3 tins have settled at $50.00 if still found sealed.  The Series 4 NFL TeenyMates tin is popular with collectors, but I highly doubt you’ll see it reach the price range of last year’s product.  I’m sure production is up after seeing the popularity of Series 3.

 photo TMNF4_Robosm_zpspyr9uxag.jpg

Inside the Series 4 NFL TeenyMates tin you’ll find a bunch of stuff.  You’ve got a stand, (4) packs of Series 4 NFL TeenyMates, and an exclusive referee figure.  All figures look like tiny linebackers.  Rare figures to look for include Robomate (1:37), Glow-In-The-Dark (1:64), Seattle Seahawks Throwback (1:128), Crystal Ice Figure (1:171), Washington Redskins Throwback (1:256), and Metallic Gold Finish (1:512).  These rare figures can command major dollars on the secondary market.

I think its safe to say that The Party Animal, Inc. (makers of TeenyMates) have a winner on their hands.  When collectors are willing to spend hundreds on a tiny rare figure, you know you’re doing something right.  Series 4 tins can be found for $18.00… for now 🙂

I opened a tin and pulled the following figures:

  • (1) Saints
  • (1) Cardinals
  • (1) Packers
  • (1) Lions
  • (1) Jets
  • (1) Texans
  • (1) Giants
  • (1) Broncos
  • (1) Referee

Unboxing The TeenyMates NFL Series 3 Collectors Tin

 photo ANDREWCHRISMAN-WIN_20140906_110907a_zps9dfa6652.jpg

The 2014 NFL season is officially underway!!!  There are new rookies to watch, and new TeenyMates figures to collect.

The Party Animal, Inc. (makers of TeenyMates) have put together a nice collectors tin for those fans interested in starting their own TeenyMates collection.  This tin includes the following:

  • NFL Standings Stadium Display
  • 4 Packs of NFL Series 3 TeenyMates
  • (1) Glow-in-the-Dark Neon Orange figure (this is the only place you can get this figure)

In all, NFL Series 3 contains eight chase figures – camouflage, glow-in-the-dark, Patriots Throwback, Broncos Throwback, NFL Line Judge, and Metallic Gold Finish.  Then you have the neon orange glow-in-the-dark figure found in the collectors tin, and a Target exclusive Monster figure.  It still amazes me as to how much some of these chase figures sell for.

From the tin I opened, I pulled figures of the Patriots, Browns, Bengals, Texans, Cowboys, Bears, Panthers, and Rams.  Plus the neon orange figure.  These are the nicest looking TeenyMates they’ve released.  The arms on the figures are away from the player’s body, and the team logos are much larger.

The MSRP on the TeenyMates Collectors Tin is $19.99.  This item and lots of other cool stuff can be found in the Lil’ Teammates Shop.

3-Pack MLB TeenyMates Break

Got my hands on a couple packs of the new MLB TeenyMates.  Below is what I pulled.  These little guys are awesome!

 photo _57_zps34d802ba.jpg

 photo _574sm_zps12cfac4c.jpg

 photo _571_zps65bc3a65.jpg

 photo _574_zps631e81e2.jpg

 photo _573_zps83a53578.jpg

 photo _575_zps9da7120f.jpg

MLB TeenyMates Are Here!

TeenyMates would like to welcome a new addition to their family – MLB TeenyMates.  Now MLB fans can take advantage of the fun these little guys bring to the table.  Its been almost two years since TeenyMates made their debut, and collectors seem to really enjoy them.  When I say really enjoy them, I mean REALLY enjoy them.  Some of the rare chase figures are commanding major prices on the secondary market.

All of the greatness that TeenyMates brought to their NFL, NHL, and NBA sets can be found within their MLB figures too.

 photo MLBTeenymatesSeries1_figures1_zps2f13e850.jpg

Within each pack, you’ll find (2) 1″ vinyl figures and (2) puzzle pieces.  Collect all 30 MLB teams.

 photo TMMLBPuzzle1_zps62ce7504.jpg

 photo MLBTM_RARE_GROUP1_zpsb7a3887a.jpg

While opening your packs, keep an eye open for the (4) rare figures randomly thrown in.

2-Pack NBA TeenyMates Break

 photo nbateenymates_zpscf4f1a90.jpg

Pictured above is what I pulled from two packs of NBA TeenyMates.  Each pack contains two figures and two puzzle pieces.  I got the Bucks, Rockets, Trailblazers, and Bulls.  All common figures.  I have yet to pull any of the chase figures.

NBA TeenyMates are new for this year.  As with their other products, there are rare figures that you can pull – Glow-In-The-Dark, East, West, and Gold.  Each carry a premium on the secondary market.  They sure do make interesting conversation pieces.

 photo 1237275_510764089018047_1550794642_o_zps7c698b07.jpg

4-Pack TeenyMates Break

Breaking open these blind packaged toys is fun and a nice change of pace.  I want to see more.  This afternoon I opened (2) packs of the new TeenyMates NFL Series 2, and (2) packs of TeenyMates NHL.  No rare figures, but fun!  These make great conversation pieces.  Put them on your desk at the office, and they will get people talking.  Have them sit in for you on all those important meetings.  But whatever you do, don’t feed them after midnight.

 photo IMG_1973a_zps29e0e213.jpg

 photo IMG_1976a_zps0ef14bcc.jpg

What Has TeenyMates Been Up To Lately?

The Party Animal, makers of Lil’ Teammates and TeenyMates, have been working hard to bring some new products to its fans.  After the successful launch of their NFL Series 1 TeenyMates set last year, they’ve decided to roll out a Series 2.

 photo TMNFLS2RareFigs1_zps6f2be42f.jpg

The new Ice Blue chase figure reminds me of Iceman from the X-Men.

2013 NFL Series 2 Highlights:

  • Collect all 32 NFL teams + 6 rare figures
  • 2 Throwback figures, a Metallic Gold figure, an Ice Blue figure, a referee, and a Glow-in-the-Dark figure
  • Each foil bag includes 2 random NFL figures and 2 random puzzle pieces, adding mystery and excitement to each pack
  • Collect all 35 puzzle pieces and build a double-sided puzzle featuring a football field playset and collector mini-poster
  • Packs will cost around $3.99

 photo TMNHL1bundleContents1_zpsad1b9ef8.jpg

Hockey fans will be glad to know that TeenyMates decided to make an NHL set which is new for this year.

2013 NHL Highlights:

  • Collect all 30 NHL teams + 4 rare figures
  •  2 different Throwback figures, a Metallic Gold figure and a Glow-in-the-Dark figure
  • Each foil bag includes 2 random NHL figures and 2 random puzzle pieces, adding mystery and excitement to each pack
  • Collect all 35 puzzle pieces and build a double-sided puzzle featuring a hockey rink playset and collector mini-poster
  • Packs will cost around $3.99

 photo TMKC1ST_RTCombo1_zpsbe02e922.jpg

After the initial release of the Series 1 NFL set, collectors began turning their TeenyMates into keychains and earrings.  It looks like the folks at TeenyMates saw this and decided to create these new Tagalongs.

Tagalongs Highlights:

  • All 32 NFL teams available
  • Each Tagalong costs around $5.99

Judging by their website, it also looks like they will be making TeenyMates for the NBA too.

 photo 994542_605455082828130_265568242_n1a_zpsfe64e271.jpg

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, Lil’ Teammates are now making NCAA and NFL wide receivers.  Plus they have all new team sets.  I would like to see variations made for the bigger figures like we see with the blind packaged TeenyMates.  I’ve got some new packs of the NFL Series 2 and NHL TeenyMates to bust.  I’ll also be holding some contests for a few sealed packs and a Tagalong.

TeenyMates Back Story + 3 Pack Break

Many years ago, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio was in dire need of assistance.  They sent out a worldwide notice seeking thirty-two interns that could potentially come work for them at their giant football mecca.  Given the down turn in the country’s economy, they received thousands of resumes from freshly graduated students just looking for any type of experience.  After a strenuous interview process, the Hall of Fame finally narrowed it down to thirty-two.

On the first day of orientation, the eager interns all entered the conference room.  Some of them were shy and kept to themselves while others acted as if they just won a million bucks thinking they were on the top of the world.  It was clearly a diverse group of individuals.  Moments later they were met by their new boss, Jack Jurevicius.  After going through the initial orientation stuff, the thirty-two interns received a tour of the building.  Passing the Jim Thorpe statue downstairs they made their way up the winding ramp to the room above.  The building was filled with thousands of football artifacts once used by some of the greatest athletes to ever live.  Once the tour was over, they all were directed to the office area.  Before splitting up into their individual work teams, Mr. Jurevicius wanted to make one thing clear.  He pointed to a door that had the letters “RTDNER” on it.  “Nobody is to ever enter that room.” he said.  Everyone agreed to leave it go.

Flash forward a few months.  One stormy night, all the interns were working late.  The Hall of Fame had acquired a large amount of items that needed to be categorized and put on display.  Feeling overly confident they all agreed upon entering the “RTDNER” room.  Their curiosity got the best of them.  The room was basically empty, except for one thing.  Located in the center, was a football.  Not just any football, but the very first football ever made.  It was in terrible condition.  The outside was beat, and the stitches were coming loose.  They immediately picked it up and began to pass it around.  All of a sudden there was a flash of light that blinded them all.  When their vision returned, they had changed.

Everything around them was so big.  The football they had been inspecting was the size of a boulder and magically found its way back to the center of them room.  They had shrunk.  Looking up they saw a ghostly figure hovering over.  The figure described itself as the original owner of the football.  Before passing away, he cursed the ball and anyone that touches it.  “From now on, you thirty-two will be known as TeenyMates.  In time you will realize that you have been given extraordinary football skills, but you will never be recognized for your actions.” he said.  Looking around at one another, they said “What actions?”  “Each one of you will be designated to a specific team.  Your job is to help regular players make those incredible plays that don’t seem possible.  Don’t let your size discourage you.” the figure stated.

Famous games/plays TeenyMates took part in:

  • The Immaculate Reception – 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game
  • The Greatest Game Ever Played – 1958 NFL Championship Game
  • The Ice Bowl – 1967 NFL Championship Game
  • David Tyree’s helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII
  • The Catch – 1982 NFC Championship

Remember, just because you didn’t see them, doesn’t mean they weren’t there.


RTDNER stands for – Relics That Do Not Exist Room


I hope you all enjoyed the back story Sports Card Info gave to TeenyMates.  They sent over (3) packs to open.  Here is what I pulled:





As you can see, they are very tiny.  They all have a hole on the bottom, which I could easily see kids squeezing them onto the tops of their pens/pencils.  Be sure to look for the three rare figures – Houston Oilers, Glow-In-The-Dark, and Gold.

Sports Card Info will be holding (3) separate contests starting this weekend.  Each winner will receive (3) sealed packs of TeenyMates.