2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football – 1-Pack Break

I visited my local card shop over the weekend – Sports Zone Toys & Comics.

(1) pack of 2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football, and a 2022 Bowman Chrome University Football blaster box caught my eye.

A hobby box of 2022 Wild Card Auto Mania Football comes with (8) packs per box, with an autograph in each pack. Hobby boxes sell for about $169. The retail version comes with (4) autographs and a $79 price.

Waiting for me inside my pack was an autograph of Tyler Allgeier.

Allgeier went to BYU, and currently is a running back for the Atlanta Falcons.

Wild Card does not have an NFL license. That means no team names and/or logos. Wild Card calls it “Pro-Look”.

2020 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball Pack Break

Look what I was able to get my hands on. This is a pack of the new 2020 Onyx/Futera Unique Prospects & Legends Baseball. It continues to blow my mind seeing two card manufacturers come together and work on a single product.

This high-end release comes with (4) packs per display box. Housed inside each pack are (6) cards. Every pack contains an autograph, relic, or autograph/relic.

The base set consists of only (50) cards. There are (3) types of Heritage parallels that you can pull – Bronze #’ed/15, Silver #’ed/11, and Gold #’ed/6.

Every hit is limited to (10) copies or less. Autographs are all on-card. No stickers.

Futera’s metal-framed cards have always been my favorite. A lot more detail and attention goes into them compared to other metal-framed cards found in competitor’s products. Very ornate.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Luis Rodriguez Phenoms 24ct Gold-Plated Framed Auto #’ed/8

This card was signed on April 16, 2020 in the Dominican Republic.


  • Robert Puason Silver Heritage #’ed/11


  • Leonel Valera #43
  • Nolan Ryan #49
  • Ichiro Suzuki #50
  • Cristian Santana #38

(3) 2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball Jumbo Pack Break

Today I took a trip to my local card shop – Sports Zone Toys & Comics.  Its a really nice shop.  Easy to get around and very well organized.  The main reason I went was to pickup a few plastic containers used for storing cards.  I left the shop with some containers, Bryce Harper bobblehead, Phillie Phanatic Super7 action figure, and (3) jumbo packs of 2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball.

Here are the results from the (3) jumbo packs.  It was a newly opened box with only a couple of packs purchased from it.  The store’s owner said no hits had been pulled yet.  FedEx just dropped off a 2020 Topps Series 1 Baseball hobby box which I’ll be working on next.

Sports Zone Toys & Comics is quite active on Facebook and YouTube.  Check them out!


  • Rickey Henderson 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary Relic


  • Shohei Ohtani Topps Choice Blue
  • Nolan Arenado Gold #’ed/2020
  • Lucas Giolito Rainbow
  • Pete Alonso Rookie Cup Rainbow
  • Sean Murphy RC Rainbow


  • Tom Glavine Decades’ Best
  • Kris Bryant Decades’ Best
  • Yadier Molina Topps Choice
  • Joey Votto 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary
  • Tony Gwynn 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary
  • Don Mattingly 1985 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary

Notable Rookie

  • Aristides Aquino RC #20

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Pack Break – Auto Pulled?

The most important decision of your life…

Nope.  No autograph here.  Falling at a rate of 1:108,625 packs, I really didn’t have a chance anyway.  It makes me wonder if anyone will pull one of the ten Michael Jordan autographs.  You have to think that lots of people are just throwing these packs away.  I hope at least one autograph surfaces.

The local Walmart here in Selinsgrove, PA had one Hanes product left that came with a pack of Michael Jordan cards.  It was a package of (7) t-shirts housing a red pack.  A complete base set consists of (50) cards with Red and Blue Foil parallels.  All-Star inserts which have Gold Foil parallels are also possible to pull.  Once I actually got my hands on them, I was surprised to see how thick the cards are.  I was expecting them to be thin and cheap.  Terrific marketing campaign.

Here’s what I got:




(3) 2018 Leaf Holiday Bonus Pack Break

As I mentioned yesterday, purchasing a box of 2018 Leaf Valiant Football from Atlanta Sports Cards qualified me for (3) 2018 Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs.  Inside each pack is (1) autograph, relic, or printing plate.  Some of the cards are specially made for these packs.  Others are just old inventory they want to get rid of.

During the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention I pulled out this Babe Ruth/Shohei Ohtani dual relic #’ed 1/1 from a box of 2018 Leaf In The Game Used Sports.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the printing plates used to make that card end up in these packs someday.

Here is what I pulled:

  • Johnny Manziel 2018 Leaf Happy Holidays Auto
  • Mario Lemieux/Jaromir Jagr 2017-18 Leaf In The Game Used Hockey Dynamic Duos Black Printing Plate #’ed 1/1
  • Shinobu Asagoe 2005 Ace Authentic Signature Series Relic #’ed/500

(2) 2018 NSCC Topps Wrapper Redemption Pack Break

Upon taking my box of Museum Collection to the Topps booth during the 2018 National, I received (2) wrapper redemption packs in return.  Inside each pack are (4) exclusive Bowman Chrome cards.  Parallels and autographs could also be found.  Although I didn’t get any autographs, I did pull two nice parallels.  Take a look!

If you weren’t able to attend, be sure to checkout my Day #1Day #2, and Day #3 coverage.


  • Michael Kopech Red Refractor #’ed/5
  • Walker Buehler RC Orange Refractor #’ed/25


  • Rhys Hoskins RC
  • Shohei Ohtani RC
  • Joey Votto
  • Nick Senzel
  • Noah Syndergaard
  • Bryce Harper

4-Pack Break – 2017 Leaf Holiday Bonus Pack

When I purchased my box of 2017 Leaf Metal Draft Football from Atlanta Sports Cards, I received (4) 2017 Leaf Holiday Bonus Packs.  According to Leaf’s CEO Brian Gray, these were given to distributors based on 2017 purchases.  Inside each pack is an autograph, relic, or printing plate from a wide range of Leaf products.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Miles Plumlee 2012 Leaf Basketball
  • David Levin 2016-17 Leaf Metal Hockey Purple Parallel #’ed/15

Printing Plates

  • 2017 Leaf Q The Superlative Six – Joe Greene/Lawrence Taylor/Bruce Smith/Reggie White/Howie Long/Richard Dent – Yellow Plate #’ed 1/1
  • 2016 Leaf Lumber Kings Hockey 50 Goal Club – Rick Vaive – Magenta Plate #’ed 1/1

TeenyMates WWE Series 1 Collector Tin Break & Review


The folks over at TeenyMates have seen great success with their packaged tin products.  Two years ago, they released their first tin that contained NFL wide receivers.  It was produced in small quantities, and the price shot through the roof.  Today that tin can still be found for about $50 sealed.  They’ve calmed down a bit.  At one time they were selling close to $100.

Licensing is key when it comes to these little guys.  TeenyMates tried their own line of figures called TeenyFreaks.  But I don’t think they got the response from collectors like they had hoped, because we never saw them again.

One of their newest fully licensed products deals with the WWE.  The WWE Series 1 tin comes with (4) packs of figures, display stand, and an exclusive Glow-in-the-Dark Macho Man figure.  Series 1 consists of (28) figures, plus (4) rare ones – Glow-in-the-Dark Undertaker (1:64 packs), Crystal Clear John Cena (1:128 packs), Alternate Macho Man (1:256 packs), and The Rock Metallic Gold (1:512 packs).  Judging by completed sales, the Alternate Macho Man figure seems to be the most popular.

Outside of their TeenyFreaks line, this is the only other set where each figure has to look different.  When it comes to MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL the teams change, but the figures are basically the same.  Down the line it would be cool to see some individualized TeenyMates figures for other sports.  That probably would involve the Players Association approval though.  Professional wrestlers also have very distinct facial features which can easily be incorporated into such a tiny figure.  Other athletes might be more difficult to bring to life in such a small form since their uniforms and faces look similar.

Here is what I pulled from my tin:

  • (1) Bray Wyatt
  • (1) Sting
  • (1) Ultimate Warrior
  • (1) Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • (1) Kane
  • (1) Dean Ambrose
  • (1) Seth Rollins
  • (1) Dolph Ziggler
  • (1) Macho Man Randy Savage Glow-in-the-Dark


Mad Lids Review + 4-Pack Break

 photo madlidz-top-logo_zpsyvddsfp1.png

Party Animal Toys makes all kinds of neat sports related stuff.  When I first heard of them, they were only making Lil’ Teammates figures.  In addition to Lil’ Teammates figures, now they make TeenyMates, Lil’ Troops, and a new product called Mad Lids.

Mad Lids are exactly what they look like – tiny collectible hats.  Right now they’re only available for NFL teams, but I have a feeling it won’t be long until we see them cross over into other sports.  The hats themselves are down right exact miniature versions of the real thing.  You’ll even notice they include the New Era logo on the side.  If you look closely, you can even see small bumps on the hats to give them that authentic feel.

Unlike their other toys, Mad Lids do require some assembly.  The base, stand, and hat all need to be snapped together.  I found this to be quite simple.  The base contains a hexagon shaped hole in which the round stand gets placed into.  On the base, there is a blank area for a team sticker.  This seemed to be the most difficult part for me.  Getting those stickers on straight can be hard.

In addition to all (32) NFL teams, they’ve included (4) rare lids to keep an eye out for – Glow-In-The-Dark (1:64 packs), NFL Line Judge Cap (1:124 packs), Camouflage Cap (1:190 packs), and Metallic Gold (1:400 packs).  Chase pieces like this have been known to command serious money on the secondary market.

Here is what I found in my (4) packs:

  • (2) Cardinals
  • (2) Ravens
  • Jaguars
  • Patriots
  • Chargers
  • Steelers

 photo steelersmadlids_zpsfd68jfyz.jpg

3-Pack MLB TeenyMates Break

Got my hands on a couple packs of the new MLB TeenyMates.  Below is what I pulled.  These little guys are awesome!

 photo _57_zps34d802ba.jpg

 photo _574sm_zps12cfac4c.jpg

 photo _571_zps65bc3a65.jpg

 photo _574_zps631e81e2.jpg

 photo _573_zps83a53578.jpg

 photo _575_zps9da7120f.jpg