Pin of the Day #3

This pin features a picture of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pin of the Day #2

This is another Cooperstown, NY pin that I purchased.  It says “Cooperstown, NY Home of Baseball”.  I think I found it at a card shop that had a whole wall full of pins behind the glass cases.

Pin of the Day #1

In addition to cards, I also collect a lot of pins.  Most of the pins in my collection have to do with sports.  I get them whenever I travel somewhere new.  I thought that I would share a pin everyday until I run out.  I thought that this would be a little more interesting versus showing a “card of the day”, which probably will be the next thing I do after pins. 

To start off, I picked a pin that I got for free in Cooperstown, NY on my first trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It was the summer of 2003 and I was a junior in high school.  This pin was probably the first souvenir I got at the center of town.  I remember driving down the main street and seeing all of the card shops and sports stores.  I even saw George W. Bush standing in the doorway waving to people. Ok, it wasn’t the real person, it was a wax figure.  Since that time, I have been back to the HOF once and I plan to go again near the end of this summer.