2010 Topps Finest Rookie Redemptions 9 & 10





New eBay Purchase – Alexander Cartwright

eBay and the card blogosphere is addicted to the new Allen & Ginter.  It doesn’t matter if you hate it or love it, collectors are talking about it.  Last week I decided to browse eBay to see if there was anything being pulled from A&G that would go great in my collection.  I came across this Alexander Cartwright silk insert #’ed/10 and made the seller an offer.  I like to collect cards of older players/figures and thought this would fit in.  MLB recognizes Cartwright as the inventor of the game.  ’09 A&G has more cards of him than any other product I’ve seen.  He doesn’t have any relic cards and only has a few cut signatures.  This is one card that will stay in my collection forever.


Registry Magic

There is no doubt about it that 1986 Topps baseball falls within the years of overproduced products.  Most of the cards from this set are barely worth anything and can be picked up for a few cents per card online.  In the hobby, there always seems to be an acception, and here it is.  This Nolan Ryan 1986 Topps #100 can be picked up raw for $0.99 on eBay, but grade in a Gem Mint 10 and place it in a slabbed holder and the result is this.  According to the PSA Set Registry there are only 8 graded this high which makes it a “must have” for the many Ryan collectors.  Its not often you see a card from ’86 Topps sell for this much. 


This week’s eTopps cards are…………




Ken from Scoreboard is back

Last year I found a video on YouTube that featured Ken from the now dead sports card company Scoreboard, selling cards on HSN.  Just like back in the mid 90’s he was trying to pass off cards that he said were rookies when they really aren’t.  Everytime he is on HSN all the cards that they are selling are graded by WCG, who basically give any card in the world a Gem Mint 10 grade.  Searching YouTube today, I found another video of Ken, back on HSN last month selling more junk to new collectors.  All of those cards could be purchased on eBay, probably for less than $10.00 (that includes shipping).

Topps announces 2008 Finest Baseball Redemption #10

Topps has released the final redemption in their 2008 Topps Finest Baseball product.  Redemption card #10 is of Jed Lowrie of the Boston Red Sox.  This one will be autographed.

Topps announces Red Hot Rookie Redemptions 10 & 11

#10 Gio Gonzalez


#11 Clayton Kershaw