Card of the Day: 1887 N28 Allen & Ginter – Capt. Jack Glasscock

Card of the Day: Cannonball Crane 1887 N172 Old Judge Ready To Pitch


Connie Mack’s Rookie Card

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.  Someday I hope to own a card from the original Old Judge Tobacco set.  Being some of the first mass produced baseball cards makes these super rare and expensive.  While browsing eBay I came across a Connie Mack from this historical set.  Mack has at least two different cards and you barely ever see one thats real.  Most of the time you’ll find posters and reprints featuring this card.  In a way I guess you could consider this Mack’s rookie card.  One of the many problems collectors have with these cards is that they are usually found trimmed.  You can clearly see that with this Mack at the bottom of the card.  Even though this card has been altered, it still sold for over $500.00.  Every time I see a reasonably priced Old Judge card at a show, I quickly find that it has been altered.

Topps will soon be releasing a product called T206.  One of the big hits you can pull is a Ty Cobb booklet which features an original Cobb T206 on one side and a cut signature on the other.  I’d like Upper Deck to revive their Old Judge product and do something like that.  If they made a Connie Mack card like that Cobb, I’d probably go crazy!


Card of the Day: 1887 Old Judge Jack Dempsey


Card of the Day: 1887 Allen & Ginter Mike Kelly


Q & A – Vintage Scrapbook Cards Update

This post is an update from an earlier question that was asked.

Question:  Thanks for getting back to me. I have two Mayo cards-Bob Fitzsimmons who is a boxer and another that says Butterworth, Yale. I am guessing he played for YALE but cannot find out who he is. The two Old Judge cards are Ward, s.s. New York and California Browns c. New York.
The rest are females-some gypsy queens. They are the same sepia color as the guys. All cards are from around 1887. My mom already took them out of the scrapbook. None are creased. Are there such things as baseball card shows? If I could find one near me I might go and see how much I could get for them. Thanks again for your help.

Answer:  Yes, there are things such as baseball card shows and shops.  Does the Ward Old Judge card picture him up close like a portrait?  Or is it a further away shot with his hands behind his back?  What you have here is a great collection of vintage cards that sound to be in good condition for their age.  Here is a link to shows that are in New Jersey happening over the next few months.

I would be very careful about what kind of offers you get at either a show or a shop.  There are plenty of dealers that like to take advantage of people that aren’t always too clear about what they have and what it might be worth.  Depending on the condition of each individual card they could be worth quite a bit.  If I were you I would try and get a few different offers.  You are very lucky to have found a collection like this.  Someday I hope to add any Old Judge card to my collection, as they are among the first cards ever made.  If you have anymore questions please let me know.  I am always glad to help.  Good Luck!  

Card of the Day #78

1887 N172 Old Judge Rehse – someday I hope to ad an Old Judge card to my collection.  These were some of the first mass produced cards.