Card of the Day: Rabbit Maranville 1915 Cracker Jack #136

Card of the Day: Joe Jackson 1915 Cracker Jack #103

 photo joejackson1915cj_zpsdxsca8qu.jpg

Card of the Day: Ward Miller 1915 Cracker Jack #5

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1915 PM1 “Fancy Border” Pin Set

What you are looking at here is a product that is still being researched and discovered.  Very little is known about the 1915 PM1 “Fancy Border” pin set.  No clues on who made them or how they were distributed.  About 25 different pins have been found.  They are very rare and when one pops-up for sale, be ready to spend a lot.


You Learn Something New Everyday

Last night I was reading through my new book about sports cards, and I was excited to learn something new.  I got to the section that talked about the 1914 / 1915 Cracker Jack baseball cards and learned that the cards released in 1914 were packaged inside the actual box of Cracker Jack.  I was also quick to learn that the cards released in 1915 were obtained through a redemption program.  This is probably why cards from 1914 are harder to find in good condition.  I guess you learn something new everyday:)