1st Topps Baseball Cards – 1948 Topps Magic Photos

The 1948 Topps Magic Photos set is drastically overlooked in my opinion.  If you’re looking for the first baseball cards Topps produced, this is the place.

Throughout the (252) cards, you’ll find a wide range of people, places, and things.  Not just baseball players.  Each tiny card (7/8″ x 1-7/16″) came out of the gum pack with a blank front.  On the back of every card is a trivia question that gives you a hint as to who or what will appear on the front.  In order to make the picture “magically” appear you needed to lightly wet the card’s front, apply a special chemical that came in the pack, and then expose it to sunlight.  Slowly a sepia-colored photo would emerge.

Based on the procedure needed to make the picture appear, its no surprise that most of these cards aren’t in the best condition.  You’re just asking for trouble when applying water, chemicals, and sunlight to a card.  But these were sold with gum as a toy, and monetary value wasn’t a concern to the person.  It was just plain fun.

Fully-developed cards tend to command a higher demand.

I wouldn’t recommend putting water, chemicals, and sunlight on today’s cards.  Then again, who knows what or who might show up if you do.

Card of the Day: Ralph Kiner 1948 Bowman #3

Card of the Day: Kid Chocolate 1948 Leaf #19

Card of the Day: John Wagner 1948 Leaf #70

Card of the Day: Stan Musial 1948 Leaf #4

Card of the Day: Kenny Washington 1948 Leaf #17

Card of the Day: Alex Wojciechowicz 1948 Bowman #61

Card of the Day: Jake La Motta 1948 Leaf #102

Card of the Day: Jackie Robinson 1948 Leaf #79

 photo jrobinson1948leaf_zpst0hec1rx.jpg

Card of the Day: Joe Muha 1948 Bowman #97

 photo muha48bow_zpsxbbvspfh.jpg