Card of the Day: Ted Lindsay 1951 Parkhurst #56


Card of the Day: Ray Poole 1951 Bowman #93

Card of the Day: Ezzard Charles 1951 Topps Ringside #96

Card of the Day: Luke Easter 1951 Bowman #258

Card of the Day: Marion Motley 1951 Bowman #109

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Bob Hepner’s 1951 Bowman Originals Sketch Card Gallery

Twenty collectors (unless you’re really lucky and pull more than one) will get to own a 1951 Bowman Originals Sketch Card which can be found in 2017 Bowman.  Bob Hepner is the artist behind them.  A few have surfaced already, but not all.  It could be a long time before all twenty are found.

The checklist contains current stars and Hall of Famers.  If you’re wondering what they all look like, take a gander.

 photo bumker1_zpsovciuhgf.jpg

 photo rodgersbreg1_zpsujjefrwk.jpg

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Card of the Day: Whitey Ford 1951 Bowman #1

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