Card of the Day: Norm Snead 1970 Topps #115

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Card of the Day: Billy Champion 1970 Topps #149

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Card of the Day: Don Money 1970 Topps #645

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Card of the Day: Lou Piniella 1970 Topps Scratch Off

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Card of the Day: Alan Page 1970 Topps RC #59

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Card of the Day: Jim Fregosi 1970 Topps #570

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Card of the Day: Jack Pardee 1970 Topps #68

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Card of the Day: Bob Gibson 1970 Topps #530


Flashback Product of the Week: 1970 Topps Mini Model Cars


The Topps name has never really been associated with any type of racing product.  They’ve issued various products based on cars, boats, and even trains, but 1970 Topps Mini Model Cars has to be one of their crazier sets.

Inside each pack you’ll find one model car that needs to put together.  They are made out of very cheap material, and look nothing like what is pictured on the package.  Along with the model car came an insert card.  When all twenty-one insert cards are placed on the floor it creates a race rack.  Some packs contain Soda Fountain Car cards.  Not too much is known about these, but it looks like they might have leaded into another product with its own line of toy cars.

Surprisingly this product didn’t survive.  The cars aren’t worth much.  Collectors are more attached to the packaging than anything.  Sealed boxes can sell for around $100.00.

For further information about 1970 Topps Mini Model Cars, check out The Topps Archives.

Card of the Day: Bubba Smith 1970 Topps RC #114