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Product Highlight: 1972 STP

A set doesn’t need to be large in order for it to be popular.  That certainly is the case when it comes to the 1972 STP set.

The 1972 STP set only consists of (11) cards:

  • Bobby Allison
  • Buddy Baker
  • Dick Brooks
  • Charlie Glotzbach
  • James Hylton
  • Elmo Langley
  • Fred Lorenzen
  • Fred Lorenzen w/ car
  • Dave Marcis
  • Benny Parsons
  • Richard Petty

When it comes to NASCAR collecting, these cards are considered the Holy Grail.  This is the first entirely NASCAR set issued.  The STP motor oil company distributed these cards for free at their publicity tent during the 1972 Daytona 500.  It’s design is quite basic, and reminds me a lot of Topps Stadium Club.  The card fronts feature full-bleed photos.  On the back of the cards you’ll find the driver’s name with a full write-up written in blue.  It really doesn’t get much simpler.

The two Fred Lorenzen cards are by far the most difficult to find.  Especially the one picturing him with his car.  Some believe his cards were pulled due to him not competing in the 1972 Daytona 500, and retiring shortly after that.  Bobby Allison’s card isn’t far behind.

Fred Lorenzen w/ car

Fred Lorenzen

Bobby Allison

Richard Petty

Card of the Day: Jim Roland 1972 Topps #464