Flashback Product of the Week: 1977-80 Pro Sports Marketing NFL Action Team Mates

 photo 77actmrams_zps6c571b62.jpg

Given that its the holiday season, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the past sports toys that I’m sure Santa left under the tree for many of you.

Lets start off with 1977-80 Pro Sports Marketing NFL Action Team Mates.  These 7.5″ tall NFL-themed action figures came with two sets of interchangeable numbers, removable helmet, football, play book, and display stand.  They were sold exclusively through the JCPenney and Sears catalogs.  This is probably why complete examples can be worth huge amounts of money.  They don’t even need to be mint in box to be worth a lot either, but it does help.  For some reason the African American figures seem to be in higher demand as they command insane prices.  An African American Bengals action figure recently sold for over $700.00.  I’m betting not as many African American figures were sold when you could buy them through the catalogs.

Compared to the figures they make today, these look quite crude.  They’re very generic looking and aren’t highly detailed.  You have to remember, this is the way most sports action figures looked at the time.  We were still years away from the first Starting Lineup set.  Its not that unheard of to find mint figures still in their original box with a few limbs that have fallen off.  The limbs are all held together with tiny rubber bands which can easily break over time.  They also made a field and benches for the figures, but these are very difficult to find.

 photo SearsWishbook_79a_zps7dedd883.png