Card of the Day: 1978 Topps Mork & Mindy Sticker #16

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Card of the Day: Rick Monday 1978 Topps #145

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Card of the Day: O.J. Simpson 1978 Topps #400

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What Is It? – Pete Rose “3000” Hits Commemorative Metal Object

I get e-mails all the time from people usually asking common questions about cards that can easily be answered.  The other day I received a question from a reader about an item I’ve never seen before.  I’m not too sure what it is or how it was distributed, so I thought it would make for an interesting post.  Does anyone have an idea of what this is?

Here is the e-mail that goes along with it:

My brother and I ran across this Pete Rose desk paper weight.  It has a coin that we cannot find any information on.  We think it may have belonged to the person who ran the Riverfront Stadium in 1978 and may have been custom made for him.  Judging by the aged color of the resin it’s enclosed in it maybe about that old.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We have no idea what it is or what it may be worth.  I have attached two pictures of the item and feel free to forward the email to anyone who may be able to help.

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Press Pass Wasn’t The First

Later this week Press Pass will be releasing its third KISS product this year, and by looking at all the pre-sales it looks to be like another sellout.  The demand these cards have almost makes it look like Press Pass was the first company to make KISS trading cards, but thats not true.  Starting in the 1970’s manufacturers really started to make products based around T.V. shows, movies, and bands.  This was actually done before the 70’s, but it seems like this is when manufacturers seemed to get a real high from it because of all the products they began producing.  In 1978 Donruss produced the very first set of KISS cards for collectors.  There weren’t any autographs or relics, but there was such a high demand Donruss produced a second series.  Each box contained 36 wax packs featuring great photography of the band.  If your lucky enough to find a sealed box, your probably going to pay out the nose to get it.  I think its safe to say that KISS is one of the most collectible bands in history.