Product Highlight: 1980 Topps Pepsi

You could be the most die-hard Coca-Cola fan in the world, but if you came across one of these cards while rummaging through a dollar box you’d be excited.  Selling baseball cards with food and beverage products has been a standard since this industry began.  In 1980, this was far from a new practice.  At one point in 1980 Pepsi obviously wanted to use a set of baseball cards for a promotion.  They approached Topps who happily designed a 22-card set for them.  The complete checklist includes:

  • Ron Guidry
  • Ted Simmons
  • Rod Carew
  • George Foster
  • Rich Gossage
  • Dave Parker
  • Paul Molitor
  • Bruce Sutter
  • Gary Templeton
  • Dave Lopes
  • Mike Schmidt
  • Jim Sundberg
  • Ken Landreaux
  • J.R. Richard
  • Robin Yount
  • Steve Carlton
  • George Brett
  • Fred Lynn
  • Reggie Jackson
  • Dave Winfield
  • Keith Hernandez
  • Jim Palmer

Now if everything went as planned this set probably wouldn’t get a second look today.  But the deal fell through.  What few cards were printed up for Pepsi never made it out in the traditional manner they were meant for.  Supposedly three years later in 1983 an uncut sheet popped-up.  The cards were cutup and sold through an ad in Sports Collectors Digest.

Not much more was heard of these cards until 2005.  That’s when The Topps Vault sold a set.  In 2011 Topps auctioned off a uncut sheet during the National Sports Collectors Convention.

Only three sheets of cards were originally printed.  All of which have found their way out and into the hands of collectors.  Single cards are extremely rare.  A Paul Molitor #2 recently sold for $1,500.  Test Proofs were also sold through The Topps Vault.

Its too bad Rickey Henderson wasn’t included in this unused promotion.  That would’ve made for quite the rare rookie card.

Card of the Day: Dallas Green 1980 Topps Burger King #1

 photo dgreen1980tbk_zpstf3a3lar.jpg

Card of the Day: Joe Jackson 1980 Laughlin Famous Feats #24

 photo 1980laughjj_zpsi5189fw5.jpg

Card of the Day: Dale Berra 1980 Topps #292

 photo berra80topps_zpsp7rcrpor.jpg

Card of the Day: Brian Propp 1980 O-Pee-Chee #39

 photo propp1980opc_zpsjltoxggo.jpg

Card of the Day: Cal Ripken Jr. 1980 Charlotte O’s Police – Orange Border

 photo ripkenpolice80_zpsbco2j9ki.jpg

Card of the Day: Bob McClure 1980 Topps #357

 photo bobmcclure_zps7c8c9aa9.jpg

Card of the Day: Bum Phillips 1980 Oilers Police

 photo bump_zps01f35608.jpg

Card of the Day: James Hunt 1980-81 Svijet Sporta #241

 photo jameshunt_zps2d51d5a8.jpg

Card of the Day: Ryne Sandberg 1980 TCMA Reading Phillies #22

 photo tcmarino_zps7117cc8c.jpg