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Under The Tree: 1982 Corgi Baseball Trading Cars

Precision Made. Check. Moving Parts. Check. Safety Tested. Check. One Year Money Back Warranty. Check. Non-Toxic Paints. Hang on just a second. I don’t know about you. But I prefer my toys to have a certain amount of lead in them. They just don’t taste the same.

Corgi made die-cast toy vehicles for decades. From Batman to James Bond. There is an entire collectors market for them.

Released in 1982, Corgi introduced their line of Baseball Trading Cars. (26) MLB cars make up the set. The body of a Ford Mustang Cobra was used for each car. Cars have the team name on the roof, and team logo on the hood.

In 1983 collectors saw another set of (26) Baseball Trading Cars. This time the body of a Pontiac Firebird was used. A poster offer also came with the 1983 line of cars. Corgi even made a Baseball Trading Cars carrying case to protect your cars once they were removed from their package.

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