Card of the Day: Charles White 1982 Topps #75

Card of the Day: Danny Ainge 1982 Topps #125

Card of the Day: Everson Walls 1982 Topps #327

Card of the Day: Andre The Giant 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A #1

Card of the Day: Uwe von Schamann 1982 Topps #138

Card of the Day: Terry Francona 1982 Fleer #188

 photo terryfran82fleer_zpsepxnmcae.jpg

Card of the Day: Champ Summers 1982 Topps Traded #115T

 photo champsummers82tt_zpsvmu64plb.jpg

Card of the Day: Lee Smith 1982 Topps #452

 photo leesmith82topps_zpsmo2zcpfg.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1982 Chicago Cubs Red Lobster

 photo redlobsterryne_zpseswqh8nf.jpg

Red Lobster!!!  Freakin Red Lobster got into the card business?

Yes they did.  In 1982, the Chicago Cubs and local Chicago based Red Lobster restaurants came together to create a 28-card set.  These cards were given away to Cubs fans on August 20th, 1982.  About 15,000 were produced.  The cards are numbered in order of the player’s jersey number and contain a facsimile autograph.  Of all the cards, Ryne Sandberg is the most desirable.  In general, collectors see Sandberg’s cards made by Topps, Fleer, and Donruss in 1983 as his true rookies.  But the Sandberg included within this set predates all of them.  This is considered to be his first card to feature him in a Cubs uniform.  Most of his other cards before 1983 have him in a minor league outfit.  Sandberg’s card alone is worth about $40.00 to $50.00.  Some examples have been known to sell well into the hundreds.  The second most popular card would be the Lee Smith.  Finding sealed sets are a little difficult.

Card of the Day: Ben Crenshaw 1982 Donruss Golf #20

 photo crenshaw_zps5umhntu1.jpg