Card of the Day: Robert Delpino 1991 Upper Deck #545

Card of the Day: Kelly Gruber 1991 Fleer Ultra #361

Card of the Day: Mike Gann 1991 Score #239

Product Highlight: 1991 Hot Aire Trading Cards

Hot Aire Trading Cards made their debut in 1991 during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. It was the brainchild of two hot air balloon enthusiasts, Danny Edwards and Patrick O’Hea. Edwards would collect pilot bios and take photos while O’Hea designed the cards.

The first set consists of (100) cards.  When they were first introduced, you could purchase them by the pack for $2.50 or in factory set form for $23.50.

Producing only 30,000 sets was thought to increase it’s value. That certainly didn’t happen.

Hot Aire Trading Cards lasted for a few years, and then fizzled out. If you’re looking for chase cards, there aren’t any. No “hot” packs containing inserts, parallels, autographs, or relics.

The hobby is filled with a lot of obscure sets.  With the rise of sports cards as an investment, people were willing to put anything on cardboard hoping one day it would amount to riches. We all know how that went. Not so well.

I wouldn’t hold out any hope for a standalone hot air balloon product to make a comeback anytime soon. At the most maybe a cameo appearance in Allen & Ginter or Goodwin Champions.

A modern day interpretation of a hot air balloon set would be interesting to see. It would give some card manufacturer the opportunity to invent the hobby’s first inflatable card. Or perhaps have a good excuse to bring back puffy stickers.

Card of the Day: Matt Millen 1991 Upper Deck #409

Card of the Day: Jeff Kunkel 1991 Studio #126

Card of the Day: Craig Wilson 1991 Topps #566

Card of the Day: Kevin Greene 1991 Pinnacle #407

Card of the Day: 1991 Tuff Stuff World Series Lonnie Smith/Brian Harper #5

Card of the Day: John Rade 1991 Pacific #5