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How To Spot A Fake Brett Favre 1991 Score #611 Rookie Card

When you think about Brett Favre rookie cards, his #611 card from the 1991 Score Football set certainly isn’t the first one that pops in your head.  Most collectors immediately think about his 1991 Topps Stadium Club #94 RC.  Although his Stadium Club card is his most notable rookie, Upper Deck, Classic, Pro Set, and Score each issued less-popular versions of their own.

Why in the world would someone want to counterfeit a Score card from the junk-wax era?  Perhaps that’s exactly what these counterfeiters were thinking when they were printing these fakes up.  I like to believe they were hoping to catch collectors off guard.

For under $5 this card can easily be added to your collection.  But please be careful.  In 2007, counterfeit examples began to arrive.

Its extremely easy to spot a counterfeit.  Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • No card number.  That’s right!  These genius counterfeiters completely forgot to place the “611” on the back.
  • Locate the NFLPA logo on the back.  On counterfeits this logo is very smudged.  Not crisp and clear like an authentic example.
  • The gold border on the back is not the correct color.  Counterfeit copies tend to have a brighter gold border.

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