Card of the Day: Loch Ness Monster 2012 Golden Age #31

Under The Tree: 2012 Hot Wheels Monster Jam Series w/ Topps Trading Card

Hot Wheels began to make their Monster Jam series of trucks in 2000. This partnership between Hot Wheels and Monster Jam lasted 18 years and concluded in 2018.

The 2012 set in my opinion is the most interesting. (80) monster trucks make-up the set. (7) subsets cover the (80) monster truck set – 1st Editions, Hot Wheels Originals, Edge Glow, Spectraflames, Monster Jam World Finals Deco, Mud Trucks, and Standard. The “Standard” designation does not appear on any of the packaging like the others do. Its just the name given to those trucks which do not fit in any of the other categories.

2012 was the 30th anniversary of Grave Digger. The packaging for each monster truck contains a special 30th anniversary logo celebrating this achievement.

Packaged with each monster truck is a Topps trading card. The card matches the monster truck it is packaged with.

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