Card of the Day: Zack Wheeler 2013 Topps Chrome Xfractor #180

Hobby Oddities: 2013 Topps Qubi

Both MLB and the NFL received the “Qubi” treatment from Topps in 2013. What is Qubi you ask? Qubi is a series of collectible rubber stampers.

Found inside each pack is (1) player-themed rubber stamp cube. The bottom contains an ink-filled lid, while the top is clear and has multiple images of that specific player. Rubber stamps range from Player Portraits, Club Logos, and Replica Signatures. There are (75) rubber stamps for baseball, and (60) for football.

Products like this are more of a novelty. You’ed never see group breakers selling spots for them. There are no autographs, relics, short prints, and/or photo variations. They just look cool sitting on your desk, and make for a nice conversation piece.

I’m not sure of the lifespan of the ink. If you opened a sealed pack today there is a good chance that the ink could be dried-up.

Locating individual rubber stamps and sealed packs/boxes is quite easy and affordable.

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