“Pin-Up” of the Week: Stan Musial 2/15/11 Medal Of Freedom Award Pin

 photo stan2011pin_zpse6fde03f.jpg

Last night the Cardinals won the NLCS and have paved their way into the World Series once again.  I was really pulling for the Dodgers because its been awhile since they’ve made it to the World Series.

The Cardinals have been around for 131 years and have had a slew of great players.  But one of them will always rise above the others, and that’s Stan Musial.  To commemorate Stan Musial receiving the Medal Of Freedom Award from President Barack Obama at the White House, the Cardinals made this pin.  It wasn’t distributed as a stadium giveaway or sold at their gift shops.  These were handed out to front office employees and other members of the Cardinals organization.  That makes them quite rare.

A few examples of this pin have surfaced on eBay.  One recently sold for $100.00.