Card of the Day: Gene Simmons KISS 360 Relic


Should Sports Cards Be In Video Games?

For years manufacturers have been trying to get more people interested in The Hobby.  One of the main demographics companies have been targeting is kids.  With all the high-tech toys out on the market, one of the last things many kids find interesting is sports cards.  Products such as Topps Attax and MLB Showdown are just a few of the many products companies have created to try and attract more kids to the industry, but it hasn’t really worked too well.  I highly doubt that even the Topps 3D venture will go far.  The last thing kids want to be treated like is kids.  This is why many of the kid friendly products don’t perform too well.  If I were “Hobby King” for the day you want to know what I’d do?  I’d try to incorporate sports cards into popular video games such as Madden and MLB The Show.  I’m not saying devote an entire portion of the game to cards, but slightly incorpate trading cards into the game.  For example, when reading the bio of your favorite player there could be a section that lists some of their key cards that have been made up to that point.  Since most of the popular entertainment systems have internet access, why not allow people to click on one of those key cards and provide them with more information.  Perhaps it could even point them in the right direction of where to purchase cards like that.  If a company really wanted to get involved with the gaming industry, maybe they could sponsor online events and the winners could obtain certain products.  Current manufacturers don’t seem to get very far when they try and do this stuff by themselves.  I think they need to see what people are interested in and try to incorporate themselves into that market.  What most manufacturers have done so far is the total opposite.  They try to create something slightly innovative and then hope people will come to them, when in reality it should be the other way around.


KISS Contest Winner!

Congrats to wickedortega for winning this week’s contest.  wickedortega wins all of the inserts that I pulled from my box of KISS 360 that Press Pass sent me.  Would wickedortega please send me an e-mail at: with their mailing address?  Once I have your mailing address, I can send your cards out ASAP.  Thanks for reading Sports Card Info!


Here are the results:


2009 Press Pass KISS 360 Box Break/Review

I never know what the UPS guy will drop off at my doorstep.  On Friday I got a package from Press Pass which contained a box of their new KISS 360 product.  This is the first time I’ve ever opened a product which hasn’t been released yet.  Press Pass’s last KISS product Ikons quickly soldout and was a big hit.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it happens again with 360.

Design: Photobucket

I didn’t know what to expect with a product like this, but I enjoy the design of these cards.  Most of the cards feature great photos from the band’s history.  There are a ton of rock n’ roll themed borders.  My favorite would have to be the borders around the first 9 cards in the set called “UNMASKED”.  Each card has volume bars around the edges.  Just like with their past Ikons product, there are “Blood Spitting” parallels for each base card which fall 1:4 packs.  These feature blood spots on black and white images of the base set and look really cool.

Price: Photobucket

Right now boxes are being pre-sold anywhere from $40.00 to $60.00.  Considering there are 24 packs with 5 cards in each pack, thats not too bad.  You aren’t guaranteed any hits which is probably why its selling within that price range.  I’m sure there are collectors out there who have spent much more on a box and didn’t get any hits either.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

As I said before, your not guaranteed any hits per box.  Relics fall about 1:90 packs, and you really need to get lucky if you want to pull an autograph.  The “Blood Spitting” parallels seem to be a big hit with collectors based on the Ikons set.  The parallels #’ed/50 hold a lot of value for collectors too.  I consider it a good box if you pull at least one serial numbered card.  It makes sense that the relics and autographs would be hard to pull.  Everyone in KISS is a star and it almost makes each hit a really good one.  Its not like baseball or football where you have a ton of players.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give 2009 Press Pass KISS 360 3 out of 5 blood drops (1=poor & 5=perfect).  KISS is one of those bands that has done an excellent job of slapping their name on anything.  With all the KISS fans in the world I’m sure they’ll have success with this product.  I bet it won’t be long until they produce a product with at least 1 relic or autograph in each box on average.  I’m glad to see that boxes aren’t selling for huge amounts.  You don’t see many products today targeted towards certain bands or people.  Usually you’d find band members and other celebrities in products like Americana.  If your a fan of KISS, it couldn’t hurt to try a box of 360.

Press Pass Mailday!

This afternoon the UPS man dropped off another package from Press Pass.  This time they sent me a box of their new KISS 360 to review.  This product isn’t suppose to be released until 8-12-09 but it looks like this one snuck out of the factory a little early.  Press Pass had a lot of success with their KISS Ikons cards they released earlier this year.  I’ll be busting it this weekend, and there could possibly be another contest.  24 packs with 5 cards per pack.  Looks like a fun product.