“Pin-Up” of the Week: “Arnie’s Army” April 6, 2017 Masters Commemorative Button

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Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus began the 2017 Masters with a ceremonial tee shot.  Many people in attendance received a commemorative “Arnie’s Army” button in honor of Arnold Palmer who passed away last fall.  For decades, Arnold Palmer had legions of fans who would follow him around the golf course.  This large group eventually went on to be known as “Arnie’s Army”.

It wasn’t uncommon to see “Arnie’s Army” members walking around wearing buttons to show their pride.  These buttons are quite collectible today.  As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for people to list this new button for sale.  The going rate is $80+ per button.  That is actually more than what some of the original buttons 50+ years old sell for.

Sports Card Info Celebrates 6 Years!

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Today is Sports Card Info’s 6th anniversary.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I guess you could say it all started when eBay allowed users to write guides covering all kinds of topics.  How To Spot Fake Sports Cards That Are For Sale was the first guide I put together.  That spawned a bunch of other sports card related guides, and then I decided to start my own blog.  I would like to thank Panini, Press Pass, In The Game, Atlanta Sports Cards, Lil’ Teammates, Sports Card Album, and OYO Sportstoys for supporting Sports Card Info.  I would also like to thank everyone that stops by here everyday to check out the Card of the Day and/or enter the latest contest(s).  Six years ago the hobby saw a surge in sports memorabilia blogs.  Over time many of them flamed out, but a few still remain.  Blogging on a regular basis takes dedication, and not everyone is able to do it.


Stephen Strasburg Is Topps Finest Rookie Redemption #6


My Top 6 New Year’s Themed Cards

Whenever a holiday rolls around, I like to see if there are any cards floating around The Hobby which contain the theme of that specific day.  I thought I might have a difficult time with New Year’s, but it wasn’t that hard.  Christmas by far is the holiday that has the most trading cards.  After digging around, I was able to come up with my Top 6 New Year’s Themed Cards.


#1 – 1941 War Gum #24: Gum, Inc created a ton of cards between 1938 and 1941 that dealt with WWII.  This one depicts the Luzon Repels New Year’s Push.


#2 – 1999 Upper Deck Encore 2K Countdown: These were randomly inserted into packs of ’99 UD Encore Baseball.  They fall 1:11 packs.  The word “countdown” has been used a lot with cards.


#3 – 1995 Skybox Impact Countdown: This is a 10-card set that features all horizontal cards.  They fall 1:30 packs.


#4 – 2002 Atomic Countdown to Stardom: The Atomic brand is no longer around, but Pacific did create some great looking inserts.  These fall about 1:11 packs.


#5 – 1997 Pacific Fireworks Die Cuts: What would New Year’s be without fireworks?  These condition sensitive die cuts look cool and fall 1:73 packs.


#6 – Dick Clark 1993 American Bandstand: It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without America’s oldest teenager.  This card comes from an American Bandstand set.

As you can see, there are a bunch of cards that you could say have a New Year’s theme.  I’m sure there are a ton more, especially from products such as “Turn Back the Clock”.  I could see Upper Deck including a piece of the ball that drops in New York City into their Piece of History product next year 🙂

This week’s eTopps cards are……………..




Topps announces 2008 Finest Baseball Redemptions 6 & 7

#6 – Justin Masterson


#7 – Clayton Kershaw

Topps announces Red Hot Rookie Redemption #6

Topps announced that their Red Hot Rookie Redemption card #6 is going to be of Chris Davis.  It will not be autographed.  These cards can only be pulled from packs of 2008 Topps Series 2 baseball cards.  Stay tuned for #7.