Guess The Set – September 8, 2017

Can you Guess The Set?  Tonight around 8:00 p.m. EST I’ll post the correct answer in the comment section and on Twitter.  Good luck!

Hint – Seventeen years ago pulling card #236 wasn’t a big deal.  Today it would be.

(8) Million Card Giveaway Redemptions

I just redeemed all (8) Million Card Giveaway redemptions I pulled at the Rip Party last night and here is what I received.  I’ll start with the oldest.


1954 Topps #147


1972 Topps #23


1972 Topps #307


1978 Topps #227


1979 Topps #72


1999 Topps #109


2002 Topps #210


2007 Topps #632

2010 Topps Finest Rookie Redemption #8 Is…


2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds Box Break & Review

I never thought I’d see an entire product based around professional bull riding.  Yesterday Press Pass sent over a box of their new 8 Seconds Trading Cards that feature a ton of stuff from the PBR (Professional Bull Riders, Inc).  The PBR was founded in 1992 and the sport has been growing steadily ever since.  With 21,000,000 fans and a 98.9% growth rate since 2002 it seems like the PBR is here to stay.  My box was loaded with some crazy looking characters.  Many of the bulls have some funny names like Chicken on a Chain, Hammer, Code Blue, and Booger Butt.  It was quite the entertaining rip.  Here’s what I got!

Design: Photobucket

8 Seconds probably has the best western theme a card set has ever had.  To me, a lot of the cards look like a “WANTED” poster you’ed see in an old western movie.  In the past, some of Press Pass’s products have made it difficult to read the serial numbers but with 8 Seconds the numbers jump right out.  I also like the fact that Press Pass includes a picture of the relic they cut up for their “Rider Relics” cards.  This is something that hasn’t been down for awhile and just ads to the authenticity of the card.  In fact, the last time I opened a pack that contained a picture of the actual relic on the back was in 2002.

Price: Photobucket

Boxes of 8 Seconds can be found for $40.00.  Until now, the PBR hasn’t had that many cards for collectors.  Its difficult to say whether this is a fair price or not.  We will have to see how collectors respond next week when this product is released.

Hit Quality: Photobucket

Each hobby box contains 6 hits on average (3 autographs & 3 relics).  Many of Press Pass’s racing products don’t contain six hits per box, especially ones that have 24 packs.  This being their first PBR release, I think they really wanted to give the collector something.  A lot of the relics are multi-colored too and may not necessarily be hard to pull.  I received the following hits:

  • Tater Porter Black Ink Auto
  • Brendon Clark Black Ink Auto
  • Ryan Dirteater Blue Ink Auto #’ed/75
  • Sean Willingham Red Event-Used Shirt
  • Joe Baumgartner 3 Color Event-Used Shirt
  • Wiley Petersen Gray Event-Used Shirt #’ed/50

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give this box 3.5 bull skulls out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  If your one of the 21,000,000 fans of the PBR I’m sure you’ll enjoy this product.  It will be interesting to see how The Hobby reacts to these cards.  For $40.00 you have the chance of pulling 6 nice looking hits.  Will they be worth anything, I guess time will tell.  Of all the boxes I have reviewed for Press Pass, this was probably the most difficult.  There isn’t much to compare it too.  Many people didn’t think UFC cards would take off and look at the prices of those early boxes.

Look For Those Press Pass Promos

Press Pass has produced an 6-card promo set for their upcoming 8 Seconds product based around the PBR.  If your on their mailing list you should be getting the promos soon.


2010 Press Pass 8 Seconds Preview

I never thought I’d see the day when a manufacturer would make bull riding / bull fighting trading cards.  Well, here they come 🙂  In January Press Pass plans to release a product called 8 Seconds, which will feature a 100-card base set of some of the best bull riders / bull fighters in the world.  Each hobby box will contain 24 packs and six hits – 3 autos & 3 relics.  If you’ve ever seen what bull riders / bull fighters wear, I think we’re all in for some colorful relics.  I’m really interested to see how collectors will react to a product like this.  Yee-Haw!!!!!!!!!!!


Card of the Day: 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner PSA 8


This week’s eTopps cards are……..



This week’s eTopps cards are………

James Hardy – RRO

Joe Flacco – RRO

Matt Forté – RRO 

Topps announces 2008 Finest Baseball Redemptions 8 & 9

#8 is Daniel Murphy

#9 is Denard Span