Flashback Product of the Week: 1987 Acme Phillie Phanatic Figurines

 photo 87phanaticfig1_zpsyo1s8wai.jpg

Coming to your local ACME grocery store starting June 28th 1987 are these awesome Phillie Phanatic figures!!!

Ok.  If you have an ACME grocery store where you live I highly doubt you’ll find any of these little dudes floating around.  You’ed only be twenty-eight years late.  But on 6/28/87 that’s when they began to surface.  The Phillies and ACME came together for this promotion.  These could only be purchased at ACME grocery stores, and a new figure was released every week.  There are eight figures to the whole set.  Each figure features the Phanatic in a different animated pose, and only cost $0.99 at the time.  With the Phanatic being one of the most recognizable mascots in all of sports, this promotion was a huge success.

Unlike most products from this time period, these actually increased in price.  Individual figures today can run around $5.00.  Complete sets have been known to sell for up to $50.00.  Condition plays a big factor when it comes to these guys.  The paint can easily fade and chip over time.  You have to remember that these were a kids toy that cost less than a dollar.  I’m sure many took heavy play damage.

 photo 87phanticad1_zpsteazkrsn.jpg