Card of the Day: R.L. Stine 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Mini Framed Auto

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter X Baseball Box Break

Allen & Ginter X. Sounds like a secret government organization that specializes in tracking the hot dog eating habits of panda bears. But its not. Instead, Allen & Ginter X is the online-exclusive, black background, parallel version of the regular Allen & Ginter product.

Honestly, I bought this box as a Topps 582 Montgomery Club member just to flip. I had it up for sale for a couple of weeks and never received a single reasonable offer. So I took it as a sign from the card gods to rip it.

I’m very satisfied with what I got. Quite solid.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Courtney Hansen Silver Frame Gold Ink Mini #’ed/5


  • Keston Hiura Red Mini #’ed/5

Short Prints:

  • Gary Sheffield #331
  • Bob Feller #330
  • Trevor Hoffman #321
  • Juan Gonzalez #315
  • Sparky Anderson #346
  • Ryan Howard #329
  • Phil Rizzuto #308
  • Andruw Jones #318
  • Jack Morris #343
  • Dwight Gooden Mini #314

Notable Rookie:

  • Luis Robert #256

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