Card of the Day: Jimmy Stewart 2015 Panini Americana – On The Tube #5

Card of the Day: Adam West 2007 Donruss Americana Silver Proof Retail #80

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Card of the Day: Jim Furyk 2007 Donruss Americana Shirt Relic Proof

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Americana Astronaut Contest Winner Announced

Congrats to Baseball Dad on being the lucky winner of the Charles Duke 2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends Astronaut Relic #’ed/249.  Once Baseball Dad sends me their mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!


2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends Box Break & Review

Design: Photobucket

Americana is a brand that started back in 2007.  At first they seemed interesting to me, but then I realized it was filled with a ton of celebrities that I had never heard of.  Then came along Celebrity Cuts and Century Collection which I enjoyed seeing busted.  2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends doesn’t touch that much on minor celebrities, but instead deals with Olympic athletes, astronauts, and other historical figures from American history.

A majority of the base set contains black and white photography.  My personal favorite ones are of the older Presidents like Lincoln, Washington, Adams, and Jackson.  To me they look very crisp and clear.

Yes, Panini has thrown in their white boxes everyone loves.  They’ve even included some beige ones too.


Captain America of The Avengers?

Price: Photobucket

Boxes are currently selling for $100.00.

“Hit” Quality: Photobucket

Inside each box you will find (3) autographs or memorabilia cards.  I pulled the following:


  • Jill Loyden Auto/Jersey #’ed/99


  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee Summer 1988 XXIV Seoul, South Korea Auto #’ed/99


  • Charles Duke Astronauts Shirt Relic #’ed/249


  • Andrew Johnson Proof #’ed/50
  • Scott Hamilton #’ed/299

Other Notable Cards

  • Mike Thornton Medal of Honor #8
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Military Elite #2

One of the major pulls you could find include the Dwight D. Eisenhower cut signatures.  Panini made four of these cards, and each of them include an authentic star patch from Eisenhower’s Army uniform.  We’ve seen Presidential relics inserted into cards before, but nothing that cool.  Not unless you count the DNA relics.

Overall: Photobucket

Overall, I give 2012 Panini Americana Heroes & Legends 3 hot dogs out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Out of the Americana brands, this one I found to be the most interesting.  If you enjoy American history, this product is for you.  In today’s hobby, collectors don’t take much time to read the back side of cards except to read the serial number.  I highly suggest reading the backs of these cards as they contain a lot of cool information about the subject.


Card of the Day: Neil Armstrong 1992 STARLINE Americana #225


Card of the Day: Robert Hegyes 2011 Panini Americana Celebrity Cuts Auto


Scott Schwartz Delivers Panini Products To The View

Yesterday, long time collector Scott Schwartz stopped by The View and dropped off a few boxes of Panini Americana.  Schwartz is most notably known for playing Flick in the 1983 film A Christmas Story.  You may also remember him from The Toy, where he co-starred with Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason.  I love it when trading cards receive any kind of national publicity.  Very cool!


Card of the Day: Scott Schwartz 2011 Americana Auto Relic


Flashback Product of the Week: 2009 Donruss Americana

Of all the Americana brands, for some reason I get the feeling that this one is the most unpopular.  Not sure why.  The coolest thing about this product is the packaging.  The packs are inside what looks like a CD or record album cover.  Its something a little different.  Much better than those funky clam shell covers.

Each box contains 4 packs with a “hit” inside.  There are a few sports figures in the set, but most of 2009 Americana is filled with actors/actresses.  If your one of those collectors that enjoys celebrity themed products, I suggest trying it.  Boxes cost about $70.00.